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  1. sharpey

    sharpey Member

    Hi guys,
    A friend had a horrible samsung tocco lite and she has been given a Galaxy S2 but wants to keep her sms messages, I have used the samsung software that came with the tocco lite to export the messages to the pc but it creates a .NEF file can i use anything to import this file onto the S2?

    Ive looked on google for a while but not found anything that works.


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    You can use VeryAndroid SMS Backup to import a .vcf file to the handset. However converting the Samsung .nef file doesn't look easy. Is there an option in the Tocco's software to use another file format?
  3. sharpey

    sharpey Member

    Not that i can see no

    Any converters i can find are to do with image files
  4. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Nikon's RAW digital image files use the NEF extension too, unfortunately.

    However I misread the description of VeryAndroid.... it uses *.CSV files, not *.VCF. :eek:

    I've also found one or two posts suggesting that the Samsung file can be opened with MS Access as it's a compatible database format. If that's the case then Access should be able to then re-save it as a *.CSV, ready for use with VeryAndroid.
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  5. sharpey

    sharpey Member

    ahh thanks i'll give that a try
  6. sharpey

    sharpey Member

    yep access opens the file, for some reason the phone has exported the sms messages but not the ems ones but thats not a problem.
    Thanks again

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