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Importing text memos to the Samsung T Memo pad appSupport

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  1. trankster

    trankster Well-Known Member

    Has anyone imported memos from another memo pad app into the Memo pad that comes with the Samsung Galaxy tablet? The Samsung memo pad has an import feature with allows importing memos from Google drive. However, I cannot find what format the memos need to be in ( .txt is not recognized). I would like to import memos created in AK Notepad which is being discontinued. I suppose I could do a copy and paste if no other solution... Thanks.

  2. HurrycaneJohn

    HurrycaneJohn Well-Known Member

    Here is how I did it.

    Save your file as a plain text file .txt
    Share the .txt file to either Google Doc or Dropbox
    In Dropbox export (not Share) the file to TMemo
    Should now see it as a note in TMemo

    It's a roundabout way to do it....but it's the only way I got it to work.

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