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  1. hatari_gremlin

    hatari_gremlin New Member

    Hi, all,

    New to the forum. Stumped about a strange battery issue for which I can find no solution or even reference anywhere. There seem to be two possibly interrelated problems.

    My LG Optimus G Pro thinks that it is in a constant state of fully-chargedness. The battery reading is now constantly at 100%, even though the phone has been on and in full use for half a day - I'm guessing that its actual battery-charged level is around 65% or so. All other functions on the phone seem to be normal. Except...

    When the screen timeout fade-to-black kicks in after a couple of minutes, NOTHING can revive the phone. It is a zombie. The "back" and "menu" buttons at the bottom of the phone light up when I touch the screen or any button, though, which tells me that the phone has not shut down completely. Nothing I do wakes up the phone, but when I press and hold the on/off button (the physical button at the top of the right side) for maybe 20 seconds, the phone reboots and works fine -- except the battery readout still says 100%.

    What I've tried:

    - Disabled the screen timeout. So now the display is constantly on, which isn't great, and the battery readout level is still at 100%.
    - Removed and replaced the battery. No effect.
    - Charged the phone (in both OFF and ON states) with the AC adapter. No effect.

    Data points:

    - I updated several apps last evening (Chrome, Snapchat, a few others - I don't remember). Maybe this has something to do with something...?
    - In its initial booting up phase, the battery level is BRIEFLY displayed as accurate. It'll flash, for instance, "70%" for 1-2 seconds, and then that'll be replaced by "100%," where it remains.
    - All other phone functions seem to be working perfectly, and are otherwise unaffected.

    Any ideas here?
    Many thanks for your help.

  2. hatari_gremlin

    hatari_gremlin New Member

    Another data point:
    - I just rebooted the phone, and managed to plug in the AC adapter in that brief moment when the REAL battery life was displayed (at this point, it said 48%). Over the course of one second, the phone displayed "CHARGING" and then "BATTERY 100% CHARGED." The display now once again reads 100% battery.
  3. hatari_gremlin

    hatari_gremlin New Member

    Here's another odd thing that I just noticed:

    I just tried to adjust the screen brightness, but sliding the little slider had ZERO effect on luminescence at all. The brightness is the same at "0%" as it is at "60%" and "100%." Seems to be stuck at whatever brightness I last had it at - probably around 35% or so.

    So far, this is the one other feature I've found (besides battery charging and screen blanking-out) that is not fully functional.
  4. ryan_kimston

    ryan_kimston Member

    I have an LG Go Pro phone and so fat I didn't notice such issue, you may need to check your phone out at LG service center. Something odd is going one with the phone.
  5. motownwill

    motownwill Active Member

    I haven't had any of these issues. Time for a checkup.

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