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Improved E-mail Alerts/RulesSupport

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  1. Wrrryyy

    Wrrryyy New Member

    I just came over from ATT with a Blackjack 2. I'm loving my G1 but my biggest problem is the lousy e-mail alert system. There are plenty of apps to improve missed call alerts, SMS/MMS alerts, etc, but nothing that does jack for e-mails. I get dispatched jobs from the company I work for via e-mail and I end up missing most of them since the alerts are so tame and I can't set any special rules.

    When I was using my Blackjack I was using a program called Watchflag Watchflag - provides flexible alerts for email and text messages on your Windows Mobile device.

    Is there anything even remotely like this for Android? Even something that would help a little like dgAlert, MissedCall, or ChompSMS does for the other alerts?

  2. Wrrryyy

    Wrrryyy New Member

    No one? Wow, bummer. This could completely sell me off this phone.
  3. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One... VIP Member

    well you can change the notifications with Ringo or Rindroid but i honestly do not know of any improved notification apps for email....
  4. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Set your current email to forward your emails to the GMail account then you will fast notifications... I also get fairly good/timely notification from my Yahoo email being set as a pop account
  5. Wrrryyy

    Wrrryyy New Member

    It's not the alerts aren't fast. I'm using a Gmail account and they're plenty fast. They're just really tame. Not enough to wake me up in the morning and there doesn't seem to be a way to change them, provide rules, or enhance them.
  6. BrianM

    BrianM New Member

    Rings Extended allows you to set any music or sound on your SD card as an alert. Download the app but then do NOT try to run it (you just get an error). Go to settings, and for alerts select Rings Extended and then use that to find an alert that really gets you going.

  7. yelli

    yelli New Member


    A new appli has just been released.
    It is called Mail Alert

    It provides alerts for your email account (IMAP / POP) based on From and Subject values.

    Here is the description :
    Create warnings for incoming emails, according to rules / filters based on FROM/SUBJECT values.
    Warnings :
    + Ringtone
    + Vibrator
    + Notification.

    IMAP (gmail, aol) and POP (hotmail, yahoo) are availables.
    !! Need to be enabled on the email provider website !!

    Still in development, fully free, thanks for your feedbacks

    I tested it, it works nicely :)

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