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In a bad situation.. :(General

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  1. edimmu

    edimmu Well-Known Member

    A few years ago I had an iPod but I sold it because it was becoming super slow. I then used the money to buy the LG Esteem because my friend was selling a brand new one for really cheap ($180).

    However, now I'm realizing that I barely using my phones for calls+texts+4g (I make like five calls a month, ten texts maybe, and I use all my data from my house's wifi. I use my phone heavily for videos, apps etc. but I'm kind of pissed that I'm paying $35 a month for service I'm not really using.

    What should I do now? Would it be smart to sell the Esteem on eBay or something or should I just keep the Esteem as it is? I was going to sell it then buy an iPod Touch but then I see now the iPod Touch 5 starts at $299 so there's no way I'll spend that much on it. Please, I'm just so confused about what to do with my Esteem that I barely its service.

    Any advice appreciated thanks :)

  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Yeaaa why even own a phone with service?? I'd just turn it off and use over wifi calling and text if that's all the calls/texts you make.

    I get my money out of the phone tho.. 100+ hours a month for calls and probably 10,000 texts a month. But if I was in your shoes? I'd just turn it off Ahaha
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  3. bnb25

    bnb25 Well-Known Member

    you can still use the wifi with out phone service, it would basically be a great android version of an iPod touch with a nice big screen.
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  4. edimmu

    edimmu Well-Known Member

    Lg esteem is slow and bad battery life even with root, would going for the $300 ipod be smart and sell this?
  5. travioso

    travioso Well-Known Member

    Once it is without service and isn't looking for 4g or phone signal the life dramatically increases. Just throwing that out there..
  6. Archangel1280

    Archangel1280 Member

  7. nailzer

    nailzer Well-Known Member

    You can use Google Voice to make and receive phone calls over WiFi without cell phone service.
  8. skrapmetal

    skrapmetal Well-Known Member

    If you are already rooted, why not install the number 2 rom? If you dont need metro, you could keep airplane mode on all the time! With that being done alone, your phone would last weeks on idle having only charged one time.
    Theres an app called grooveIP that uses your Google voice number to make calls over wifi, then theres TextPlus for picture messaging just to name a few.
    I would take a deactivated Esteem over an itouch ANY DAY.
  9. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

  10. Bard

    Bard Well-Known Member Developer

    I personally think cell phone and internet are necessary in case of emergency case.

    $35 for unlimited phone, text and internet is one of the best deal you can find from any wireless carriers, so I would keep it as it is.
  11. travioso

    travioso Well-Known Member

    How? :) got a test phone that I use strictly for that..
  12. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    its actually quite simple. turn on airplane mode (this will kill all wireless communications) then simply turn back on the service you want (wifi, gps). airplane mode will remain on (no phone radio) and wifi or gps will be on and usable.
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