In-car mountTips

  1. hagi

    hagi Active Member

    Has anybody found a decent car mount for the galaxy yet? Looks like it may be a challenge given the placement of the camera and hold buttons.:mad:

  2. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    These guys are the best - - Not cheap though, and I can't see an i7500 mount yet; it's only a matter of time though.

    Personally, I'm sticking with a Pound Shop sucker mount thing I've had since I was in short pants, but then I'm cheap.
  3. StefanSarzio

    StefanSarzio New Member

    Unfortunatelly Brodit does not plan a mount for the Galaxy.
  4. Cougar

    Cougar Well-Known Member

    How do you know?
  5. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    I got myself a Iphone 3gs (important, must be a 3GS, it has very similar dimensions) mount and it kinda works. :)

    Was super cheap too.
  6. kam187

    kam187 Well-Known Member

    LOL for a second i thought u meant the phone. I was about to start abusing you LOL
  7. tisti

    tisti Well-Known Member

    Oh, no.. Don't wanna troll, but I try to avoid everything... apple...
    They just don't make a fuzzy felling in me ._.

    The mount works pretty OK, I can take some pictures tomorrow.
  8. hagi

    hagi Active Member

    That would be cool, where did you get it?
  9. rosmond

    rosmond Member

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