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  1. primepinoy

    primepinoy New Member

    Ok. I dont know why this keeps happening only for a certain someones phone number.

    If I try making a new contact (whether it be SIM or Phone) I type the number but once I use it for a single successful text message, and by doing so started a text thread, the thread makes it put a * in front of the number. Now that the * is in front the following text message will not go through.

    It is only for this number. The number contains an area code Ive always used, I dont know if that helps. Just a normal xxx-xxx-xxxx number. its local.

    yeah so Im in the right place I believe. Samsung Captivate.

    I thought it had something to do with me syncing facebook, but even after removing facebook sync along with all related contacts and remaking the contact same result.

    New contact typed in as: xxx-xxx-xxxx
    Single successful text -> Failed Following Texts because changed to
    *xxx-xxx-xxxx (same number just the * infront now)

  2. primepinoy

    primepinoy New Member

    Help Please

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