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  1. amitc50

    amitc50 New Member

    I am newbie in android world, and also to here..
    I got my first android phone Micromax superfone A57 5 days ago.
    And i am following this forum that day.
    But i today something happened and my main menu is not present in my home screen dock. so i am not able got in the main menu.
    So please friends help me. i have attached a screenshot of the problem also.


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  2. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    Bro, Try this! I hope this works! Go to settings->applications->manage applications then switch to all tab then go below to mlabs.launcher and click it! Then see below the clear data option click it and then restart your phone!
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  3. amitc50

    amitc50 New Member

    thanks a lot bro you are great ...
  4. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    Glad to help u bro!!
  5. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

    Man the default mlabs launcher Sucks.


    Try Holo laucher . it solves all bugs of mlabs laucher and also low ram usage.
  6. prabhchintan k

    prabhchintan k New Member

    if u do clear data then whole data will be lost then how will restore it plzz tell me
  7. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member


    PAWANSINGH New Member

    Dear, What data U are talking about... I think Nothing u loose other then the Application Widgets & Application Shortcuts that will be lost.

    You can Restore them one by one again from Main Application Menu. Coincidently I had the same problem and I used thesame method to recover from the issue. Everything is working fine. (Though my finger feeling a litter bit sore !!! while dragging all those Shortcuts from Main menue to Home Screen).

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