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  1. yungree

    yungree Active Member

    Does anybody know of any ROMS for lg Optimus Elite?? And I've downloaded titanium backup cause I recently rotted my phone but I'm not sure just how to use it. Can anyone help?

  2. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

    There's actually quite a few.
    Look around in the all things root section and the clockworkmod faq.

    Honestly I can't think of any questions you could have that wouldn't be answered in the CWM faq.
  3. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

    you can't flash roms with titanium backup you need to install clockworkmod recovery. Look at the cloworkmod faq is the all things root section
  4. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    Just DONT USE ROM MANAGER. I repeat... do NOT use Rom Manager...

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