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    Sep 23, 2012
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    I rooted my phone, installed Launcher Pro from the market, and deleted the Samsung Home launcher.
    Later on, after partitioning my SD card, I was going to flash a rom in order for my newly partitioned card to work, and what I did to get to my issue (for which I ask you guys' support) is:
    As instructed by BlindWolf8 in
    1. Wipe partition Cache
    2. Wipe data and restore to factory settings
    3. Apply sdcard/ --->>> after selecting this option, the systrem showed file could not load, some sort of error, it specifically said "not found" and "aborted"

    Ever since, my phone only shows a blank screen with the status bar and slider on top. I reboot it, blank screen... I wipe/restore and reboot, blank screen. In other words, I simply cannot get past this blank screen, cannot operate the phone (except for receiving calls because the phone is indeed alive and I have signal), and hence cannot navigate into settings and activate "USB Debugging", rendering me unable to do anything pc-connection-wise.

    I kindly ask for your help, and I will be glad to provide any additional information you might need to help me solve my issue.


    Nevermind guys! I reflashed a different ROM and voila! Problem Solved!!! :D

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    May 14, 2010
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    Glad you found a solution!:)

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