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In search of a good caseTips

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  1. DiamondDaveTv

    DiamondDaveTv New Member

    Just scored my Ideapad K1 at Office Depot and really digging it, no more battles with my wife for the Ipad. I'm finding that cases are not plentiful for the Ideapad. I just purchased a cheapo on ebay, but Im sure I won't like it as much as our higher end Incase we have for the Ipad. Is there another source for a good case - maybe a rubber slip cover?

  2. prfstrkr

    prfstrkr New Member

    Lenovo -

    It was $13.30 with Coupon Code - USP1D37390 two days ago but $17.50 is still a good price
  3. MPWheeler

    MPWheeler Member

    Go to Amazon. They have about 5-10 diffrent cases for the K1. I bought the JKase cover for $22.99. I liked this case since it has 3 notches for holding the tablet at different angles. It has a snap on the cover so you can swivel the cover 180. This helps when you go to charge it. The cover does add a lot of weight to the tablet. The cover is a nice fit on the tablet, none of the ports are covered. I'm happy with it.
  4. ouch1976

    ouch1976 Well-Known Member

    I bought mine from Lenovo for $18...I like it...nothing really to report...but I liked knowing that the Lenovo model would exactly fit rather than an after-market who might have the dimensions off a bit...but I'm sure any case would be fine.
  5. RPall

    RPall New Member

    If you are in the market for a nice bag to keep your Lenovo K1 tablet, AC adapter & sync cord in, I just bought a 'rooCase carrying bag' for $24.78 from Amazon.com

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