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    i bloody LOVE google it translated it for me it was Vietnamese it says
    title is Super cheap phone
    The absence of strong smartphone is one of the weakest points of the Samsung although it retained the top spot manufacturer of mobile phones is second in the world. Consumers are gradually switching to more advanced segment since Apple released the iPhone version of the first in 2007.

    Galaxy S is considered as responses arm of Samsung's iPhone rival Apple. " machines that run on Google's Android operating system and is distributed through about 100 carriers worldwide, including four firms major U.S. telecommunications.

    Samsung expects strong sales of S Galaxy will boost its 2010 sales of smartphones reached 25 million plant, bring Samsung to No. 4 in global smartphone rankings, behind Nokia, RIM and Apple.

    With the remarkable achievements, Galaxy S became the best-selling smartphone from Samsung so far. Sales of S up to Galaxy this time was about equal to its total sales last year of the smartphone.

    so basicly makes no sense :S

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