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  1. lindend

    lindend Member

    Does anyone know if the Optimus V supports Bluetooth inband ringtone? My Panasonic KXTG 6582 cordless DECT phone claims it will use the cell phone's ringtone if the phone supports the Bluetooth inband ringtone profile. However, I'm not getting the proper ring tone and I'm not sure if the Panasonic has a bug or if Optimus has a bug or if the feature just isn't supported on the Optimus V.

  2. dmarti11

    dmarti11 New Member

    Did u ever get an answer 2 this? I just got this phone and doesn't work with my 1st gen Droid. Want new smartphone that has inband but can't find answers on these threads or even google as to which phones have inband ringtones.
  3. lindend

    lindend Member

    No, I haven't been able to solve this (but to be honest, I haven't been trying hard either...lots of other higher priority projects).

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