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  1. Rudgin

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    I apologize if this has been addressed but I have spent some time looking to no avail. The current situation is that my phone will not boot unless connected to a pc. It boots up fine so long as it is connected and will continue to run. Additionally, my sd card and internal phone storage perpetually show as "unavailable." Oddly enough, the exception to this is HBOOT. HBOOT will only load when disconnected.

    I have tried 3 different sd cards all with the same result. Also, I tested the sd cards in wife's Inc and they work flawlessly.

    Backstory: I rooted my phone last summer. I used virtuous for a while and decided to try skyraider. I've been using skyraider for the past few months and was generally pretty happy with it but I had been having some problems with the sd card suddenly showing up as read only. This was happeneing once a week so I decided this was a good excuse to try out MIUI. That's when everything began going awry.

    I was trying to do the backup before installing and ended up having to format my sd card. This finally seemed to work but when I tried to reboot after performing the backup the phone stopped booting and would just vibrate a few times. I could still get into HBOOT and occasionally clockwork. Unfortunately, clockwork refused to acknowledge the presence of any sd card I tried. I became frustrated and decided to follow the steps to return to stock. This is when I finally discovered the connection between being connected to the pc and successfully booting. I now have a stock Inc with software version 3.26 and can load the os provided it is pc connected. Unfortunately, on the pc it shows as a cdrom drive, ADB, and HTC diag. All of which have sad question marks. I've honestly hit a wall at this point and would love any direction.

    BTW, pc is windows 7 x64.

    Thanks for any help, I'm sure I probably jacked up something I'm just not sure what:confused:

  2. Rudgin

    Rudgin New Member

    Forgot to mention it in my first post, it was late and posting was my last resort before going to bed, but what the phones does specifically is gets to the white "Incredible" screen and then goes blank, vibrates 5 times and the green light starts blinking. I did just manage to find a topic on this from a few weeks back but all anyone came up with was that it's likely a hardware issue.

    It just seems odd that it should just so happen to occur when I'm playing with recovery and loading a new rom. Though, I hadn't actually gotten to that stage yet and was still just backing up... Hmmm...
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  4. Rudgin

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    Thanks for the link, sorry to see it is so common and lacks a solution. Guess it's refurb time.

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