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  1. canyonarrow

    canyonarrow New Member

    Hey everyone,

    First I'd like to say; I upgraded to the Inc4G from the original Dinc on launch day, and love it!

    However, I have one issue. My Plantronics Voyager 520 (one of the most common bluetooth headsets ever) connects and works fine; except somehow the Inc4G is making the microphone so sensitive that it's almost unusable!

    The Mic is so sensitive that whoever I'm talking to can hear themself echo; even when I have the earpiece volume turned down so that I have trouble hearing them! I microwaved some food while talking to my mom the other night and she almost went deaf from the beeping when it finished. She thought it must be a smoke detector going off.

    Any ideas on ways to fix this? I called HTC and they didn't, but we all know how knowledgeable phone techs usually are. Thanks!


  2. canyonarrow

    canyonarrow New Member

    6 Month later BUMP! :D

    I'd also like to know if anyone has found a Bluetooth headset that works well with our phone; without being insanely sensitive. Any suggestions?


  3. callmecolt

    callmecolt Well-Known Member


    I'm having the exact opposite issue with mine. When connected to my SYNC via Bluetooth, the person I'm talking so sounds like they are screaming into the mic of their phone, and in turn the quality on my end it terrible. I just switched from a Casio phone and did not have an issue like this. Sorry I'm of no help, but you are not the only one with a Bluetooth issue.


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