Inclement weather in Memphis....

  1. thekingof118

    thekingof118 Member

    My X is supposed to be here tmw, but when I track it on FedEx they show delays because of thunderstorms! Can anyone tell me anything?!?!?!?!

    Not trying to be a bug, but I am SO READY to ditch this BB Storm 1....:mad:

  2. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    It is what it is! Memphis is a major hub for FedEx. If planes were delayed in or out of there, then it isn't unusual for the shipment to get behind. The question is can they make up lost time and get the phone to you on time. You'll have to check back occationally to see. Not much they can do about the weather or air traffic control delays.
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  3. mlynchmob16

    mlynchmob16 Member

    Yup I am in the same boat you are. Exact same boat actually. It is supposed to be here tomorrow and I am ready to get rid of my Storm 1. I hope it makes it by tomorrow!
  4. thekingof118

    thekingof118 Member

    You're right... I was just hoping...

    Ever since i ordered the X, my Storm has been freezing uncontrollably, as if it knows its time has come...
  5. mlynchmob16

    mlynchmob16 Member

    OMG I have had the same problems...Ever since I have ordered the X it seems like everything on the Storm isn't working right. It's like it is throwing a tantrum to anger me because it knows it's being replaced. HAHA I thought it was just me.
  6. Cscermak

    Cscermak New Member

    I feel your pain guys. I've been tracking my droid x since yesterday morning. Apparently it's suppose to be here by 3pm EST, but I don't know how accurate the fedex tracker is. I too am getting rid of my storm 1 =)
  7. Thong

    Thong Active Member

    The irony is laughable....

    BB Storm replacements being delayed by a Storm!
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  8. thekingof118

    thekingof118 Member

    LMAO!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! I needed that!:eek:
  9. Kimasu

    Kimasu Member

    This is me exactly. Can't wait any longer!
  10. arcturussage

    arcturussage Well-Known Member

    Is it ironic that A thunder STORM is the reason you're stuck with your BB Storm?
  11. mlynchmob16

    mlynchmob16 Member

    HAHA it is sad but very true. :D
  12. New ERA

    New ERA Well-Known Member

    i feel for you guys...just hold out a bit longer, and the X will be in your hands sooner than you think!
  13. Android_abuser

    Android_abuser New Member

    I know exactly how you feel. I was happy yo replace my storm. Truth be told I got this phone as a gift for my anniversary. I didnt even know I was getting the x but when I did I kicked my storm to the curb. Now just to get my wife over to droid.
  14. mlynchmob16

    mlynchmob16 Member

    I wish mine was going to be a surprise and I didn't know it was coming. Then I wouldn't be waiting for it...this wait is killing me.
  15. jwthrush

    jwthrush Well-Known Member

    Ready to ditch the Storm 1? I've been ready to ditch this LG Voyager since the the original Droid was released. Had to wait for my upgrade, now I have to wait for an X to ship. =\
  16. thekingof118

    thekingof118 Member

    Good news! Just tracked it and it has left the Memphis facility! If you're in the southeastern US, then things may be looking up. I got my fingers crossed!
  17. mlynchmob16

    mlynchmob16 Member

    O yay mine left too. Come on Wed delivery!
  18. Tzvi

    Tzvi New Member

    Got you beat. LG eNV, the original model.
  19. codeyh

    codeyh Active Member

    There was storms rolling across Tennessee yesterday and today.. including a Tornado that touched down near Nashville.

    Congrats on the phone though, it'll be there shortly.
  20. Thong

    Thong Active Member

    Yeah they got bad on the north side of Nash. My neighbors ham radio tower was struck by lightning and part of the fiberglass was in my yard from it! lol

    Power never went out but if it did I was prepared with my X.
    I had my weather, radio stations, flashlight, games, books through kindle....etc..

    Perhaps victorinox should do some co-branding with motorola.
    DroidX - The new swiss army knife of phones. It can do it ALL!
  21. codeyh

    codeyh Active Member

    I was in line for the McCartney concert monday night.. was interesting seeing the reflection of purple lightning off the bridgestone arena's glass windows. HA!
  22. photobuff42

    photobuff42 Member

    If yours shipped from Memphis did it ship quickly? I'm waiting on 2 day to St Louis.
  23. ImSpartacus

    ImSpartacus Well-Known Member

    Memphis is Fedex headquarters. It's their main superhub in North America.

    When shit goes bad at Memphis, bad shit happens everywhere.

    I wish you luck. My DX arrived a few days ago.
  24. Clittzen

    Clittzen Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain.

    After a Storm 1, a Storm 2, and DINC... (all problematic)...

    The X solved my woes.

    You will be saved my friend! In due time! :)

    **I do have a BB Storm 1 I am planning to blow up or light on fire still. I don't have good feelings towards it still...

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