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Incoming call from a forwarded number won't go to voicemailGeneral

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  1. dkperez

    dkperez Member

    When traveling I forward the home phone to the cell phone. But, when a call comes in that's forwarded, it doesn't go to voicemail on the cell phone. Eventually, the caller gets a message that there's no voice mailbox set up. Which I presume is from the home phone 'cause there's definitely one set up on the cell phone...

    So, HOW do I get forwarded calls to give the caller a chance to leave a voicemail on the cell phone?

  2. amarie82

    amarie82 Guides Guide

    . Does it always do this or did it just start? Do you use any 3rd party apps like google voice on your cell?
  3. dkperez

    dkperez Member

    This was the first time we'd forwarded the phones. The phone is a Galaxy S5 and it's only a month old... I'd like to be using s voice or google voice for things, but so far I haven't been able to get either working as needed, so no...

    With the phone forwarded, everything comes into the house, rings, rings on the cell, then goes to some voice mail it says isn't set up...... I've got voice mail set up on the cell, and I even created a voicemail box on the home phone in case it was trying to go there.

    But, what I'd LIKE is for an unanswered call that forwards to the cell to go to voice mail on the cell.
  4. amarie82

    amarie82 Guides Guide

    It only happens with forwarded calls only?
  5. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    It is possible that you're not using the correct call forwarding code. I believe there's three or four different ones for different aspects of the call to be forwarded

    You may also try deactivating call forwarding from your cell phone. it is possible that you have conditional call forwarding on your phone allowing it to ring but sending voicemails back to your home phone. however it's unlikely that you did set it up on your cell phone but worth a shot to cancel it out...

    Also try giving your home phone service provider a call and explaining to them your issue and see what type of explanations or help they can give...

    To me it sounds like its an issue with your home phone service provider and I would have to think you're using the wrong code that allows it to forward the call but keep voicemails

    For sprint/boost to forward all aspects of a call dial "*72 ###-###-####" (# = your number) from the phone that you want to forward numbers from... To completely cancel all aspects of call forwarding dial "*720"

    Good luck with figuring it out
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  6. dkperez

    dkperez Member

    Are you talking about the call forwarding code on the home phone? It's Centurylink, and when I set it up, I used the code they told me to use (*72)... It's the only code I'm aware of.

    As for call forwarding from the cell, I've never had it turned on. The only thing it does is ring for a while, then go to the regular cell voice mail.

    I'll check with the home phone people and see what they say......
  7. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    I think that will bring the best solution because it does sound like it has something to do with the way their system is setup and obviously how your home phone is forwarding

    Good luck mate
  8. dkperez

    dkperez Member

    Believe it or not..... Three phone calls, FIVE people total, over two hours... You'd be AMAZED at how little the Centurylink people know about their own call forwarding...

    Eventually, I found someone, who when I suggested it was that the phone was trying to go to voice mail before the cell phone went to voice mail, LOOKED and said "Oh, your phone is set to go to voicemail after 3 rings." And when I asked if they could change it to 6 or 8 or some such, put in a change... After that it took them most of a day, but NOW when a call gets forwarded, the cell phone gets to do the voice mail.....

    The home phone STILL doesn't understand that there's a voice mailbox set up already, and it still says there isn't one, but I don't care...

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