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  1. camplokennels

    camplokennels Member

    Is there an app the will give you the location ("city/state") that an incoming call is coming from!!!!!! I know the "htc pro2" does it & the iphone,haven't seen this on the moment yet!!!! Anyone?????

  2. camplokennels

    camplokennels Member

  3. dl1035

    dl1035 New Member

    I'm using an app named "CallLocation". It mainly shows the state that a caller is from. Apparently, its hard to get city information on a caller here in the US.

    Whitepages also makes an app that is like a CallerID for incoming calls, but from experience I know that they can identify land lines pretty well, but are absolutely useless for cell phone ID. Since most of my incoming calls are from cell phones and I suspect this trend will only increase, I don't use their service.

    I hope this helps.
  4. last_falco

    last_falco New Member

    Please tell me from where i can download this application???

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