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incoming call problem on samsung galaxy ySupport

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  1. abhiguptaji

    abhiguptaji New Member

    i have purchased a new samsung galaxy y Gt-S5360.
    but i have faced a problem for incoming call.
    when the screen is auto lock than the incoming call is not coming to my phone most of the time,even it does not show the data of tha call in missed call history.
    but the person who calls from other end to my mobile get full ringtone....
    and understand that i m not picking the phone.

    how can i rectify that....
    i have reset the factory data.....
    i hace checked all seeting.....


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  2. Blacklist3

    Blacklist3 Member

    Thats a weird problem you are facing...... better you check with your nearest service center
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  3. pushkarkale

    pushkarkale New Member

    Even I am also facing the exactly same issue with this. I bough the phone on 5th Nov.

    I am able to get the messages but not the calls.
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  4. Blacklist3

    Blacklist3 Member

    You guys sure, you didn't mess up with the settings ?
  5. tuzembobel

    tuzembobel New Member

    you are definitely not the only one with this weird problem! I'm also having the same issue that happens occasionally. it's like I'm calling someone, and I can hear it rings- but in the meantime the other person's phone doesn't even show that someone is calling, NOTHING at all! and when I ask someone why didn't you pick the phone up?!! people are like WHEN?!! you NEVER CALLED!! at first i kind of didn't registered that this cold be a problem and forgot about the issue, because I could NEVER imagine that something like this can be possible- because I HEAR the phone ringing - so the other person MUST see the call/miscall !!! but then one day I was trying to call someone and it was sort of "cutting off" , so I thought this was due to maybe reception problem and since I own two phones I decided to try and call my other phone that was lying NEXT to me and - I could NOT believe my eyes when I hear the dialing tone in my Galaxy but NOTHING was happening on the other phone... my Galaxy just rang ....rang... and rang.... but my other phone was NOT receiving that call!!! few of my friends are also the "lucky" owners of various models of Galaxy and apparently EVERYONE I know has same issue every now and again... and to add more to a problem recently I had text message conversation with someone (Galaxy to Galaxy) , and at one point the message I've received was containing some totally irrelevant stuff to the conversation that me and my mate been having. So I texted back asking:what ARE YOU ON ABOUT ?? ***********************... and my mate was like :WHAT? that's NOT what I said!! this is like HALF of MY message and HALF of SOMEONE ELSE's!!!! so after that we met that day and showed each other messages that we've sent to each other and received from each other- and as it turned out- in my mates phone it was showing that message with the content that my mate did sent to me, but in my inbox it showed a message from my mate's number with 50% of different content- looking like someone else's message !!!:confused:. so can anyone EXPLAIN what the hell is wrong with this "SMART" phones?! as it seems like they are struggling to handle BASIC features of the phone- such as CALLING & MESSAGING!!:mad:
  6. pushkarkale

    pushkarkale New Member

    Weird solution given to this problem by the dealer n even by service center.
    They told me that there is problem with your sim car, you get it changed, it'll work.

    But it does not work at all
  7. venk

    venk New Member

    I am having the same problem(Sometimes the phone doesn't show any signs of incoming call or missed call, even though the caller will be hearing the caller tone)This problem happens 2 out of 10 times, mine is vodafone (india) connection with 3 yr old SIM card,when i called them they told u need to get a new SIM card which supports 3G,so i have replaced with new SIM card, but still problem persists maybe Samsung will provide with software update or a different solution.
    I have tried with two new Y s5360 phone both had same issues, even after factory reset, master reset.


    Is anybody having the same issue please share,
  8. HemantPateria

    HemantPateria New Member

    Same issue I am facing, I baought SAMSUNG GALAXY Y 2 weeks ago.
    anybody has any solution for this issue, please reply.

    I have tried all possible ways to get rid of this problem by installing Awake application as well by applying the suggestions from google but issue still persists.

    to whom we should contact to raise the HandSet issue?
  9. venk

    venk New Member

    There is a new firmware available.
    I have updated android firmware from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 using "Kies" provided by samsung. And tested the mob it works, it is able to receive all incoming calls even when it is locked.
    good luck :)
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  10. satria013

    satria013 New Member

    hi guys. .
    Soon i will buy ths phne to Im very new on android i understand how to root, but if soon my phone got ths call problem too, i must update my firmware and i dnt knw how to update the firmware can u tell me how to update the firmware?
  11. lovely malik

    lovely malik New Member

    u can update it by installing kies in any pc and connecting ur fone with it or
    u can go to samsung care they will update it for free until warranty period expire
  12. anurag2112

    anurag2112 New Member

    even i am facing this problem but after much exploration on my set i got the answer. remove sd card and then restore factory settings and ur y is perfectly fine but if u insert sd card again that problem will occur. now last try is to goto service center and check whether they could solve it. till then u can operate without sd card.
  13. jamesbond

    jamesbond New Member


    Even I have the same issue. *SOMETIMES*, I do not get missed calls. Now, I am guessing everyone's phone is under warranty, but how do we show this issue to the service centre guys or Samsung itself if it happens *SOMETIMES* ?

    Also, did anyone try the firmware upgrade ? How do we know if it helped or not ?
  14. haianoop

    haianoop Member

    yes i tried firmware. mine was 2.3.5 before update and now 2.3.6.
    my issue was not random. was not able to rx the call whenever its locked for more than two minute. now i never had this issue. how much you paid for the phone? mine below 6.5k, just to know if all less priced pieces have this issue :).....:-(
  15. anurag2112

    anurag2112 New Member

    how did u upgrade to 2.3.6.
  16. haianoop

    haianoop Member

    install "Kies" provided by samsung on your system.
    Make sure ur cell battery is full,and sysytem connected to internet.
    once u connect via USB, kies will automatically ask for update
  17. Minku

    Minku New Member

    Even I am facing exactly the same issue with my galaxy s5360. I have updated my firmware from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 via 'Kies'. Now, the incoming call problem got resolved but still my cellphone hangs a lot....
  18. stone6000

    stone6000 New Member

    I have the same problem. Did anyone find a solution to these problems?
    Sometimes the phone cant make calls or receive calls. This also affects text messages. The display says there is no signal or network coverage. But all 4 pins on top of the display says there is full signal.
    A restart of the phone helps this problem. But I cant restart it 5 times a day!
    I wonder if it makes a difference if you only set it to Edge standard, or if you set it to 3G.
    I know what E and 3G on top of the display means, but what does H mean??
  19. haianoop

    haianoop Member

    H for HSDPA.
    update your firmware to latest version(DDKK1 for india) using kies
  20. vocalista21

    vocalista21 New Member

    Use your phone memory and the SIM memory and tell me it if resolves the issue. :)
  21. phfire

    phfire Well-Known Member

  22. princebhagat

    princebhagat New Member

    hello friends,,,,,
    i buy this phone 10 days ago it was work perfectly no issues at all ,,,but when i start it first time it not detect network easily i restart it 2-3 times then it find,,,,,its working good then,,,,but as today i switch to 3g network first its speed didnt increase its same as on edge network,,,,,and then its got no network bar then it back but now i cant able to make or receive call either network is shown full and also browser says no network,,, :((
  23. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a carrier issue ie signal more then phone, btw you dont need to reboot the phone just go into settings and turn on and off packet data.
  24. princebhagat

    princebhagat New Member

    thanks dear friend,,,,now what i do is i shift back to 2g network and its working again on edge network,,,,,,,i use aircel network can anyone tell me if any other way to use 3g internet ,,,is any settings needs to do aftr activate 3g network by "sTART 3G" on 121....
    is there anything more to do aftr this,,,,i just send mesege and i confirmed tht i am in 3g network but i told above i dont able to access there was only once i find "H" on my notification bar but later it disapear
  25. Ellis456

    Ellis456 Well-Known Member

    Have you got the correct APN settings for your carrier?.

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