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  1. karthikeyanmse

    karthikeyanmse New Member

    I am having a different set of problem where the phone gets locked by itself when i enter Clock option in the phone.

  2. vamshiram7

    vamshiram7 New Member

    i bought the phone today and right away i found that while i am surfing net or if a download is in progress, i am not receiving any calls or messages
    no problems when the screen is locked (if net is off)
    firmware is 2.3.6(factory installed)
    what should i do nw??
  3. manas sahu

    manas sahu New Member

    This is Manas here..neew to this forum but it seems my problem is not new :)

    I bought a galaxy y just 10 days back and since buying the phone, i am having network issue. whenever someone calls me(esp early mornings), they get a message saying "This phone has been switched off", even when my phone has full signal strength. I have tried this too and the same issue is visible. Even incoming messages are not visible. I have no problems calling others but its the issue with incoming Data. After i make a call, my phone suddenly comes to life and others can call me too.

    I got my phone's firmware updated from the cust care, but this issue is still persisting. I have the packet data active all the time on this phone, and my nw setting is GSM only. I was using the nokia 5800 for over 3 yrs (that is a 3G ph) and never faced this problem.
    My network is AIRTEL. Can someone plz suggest a solution as the Cust care guys might ask me to change the SIM as mentioned earlier in this thread.
  4. redhat105

    redhat105 New Member

    upgrading the firmware is d best soln. i bought d fne n 3rd of dec lst year nd i was having d same problm of incoming call. but last n8 i have updated my firmware nd everything is fine. just go to settings->about phone->check for update. almost 20 mb of data has to be downloaded in parts and ur fne is rebooted to install every update. gud luck evryone
  5. chotto87

    chotto87 New Member

    im also having the same problem...
    my bf called me twice yesterday but i didnt even notice he called but it was weird coz i just sent an sms after he called but it didnt come out in the call log...i thought maybe it was my fault coz i didnt i apologized to him...but tday the same thing happened...he called twice and my phone didnt even rang! this phone is rly not helping my relationship...
  6. termagazis

    termagazis Active Member

    then let me be your bf!i will never have problem if you pick up your phone when i call you!!!!:rolleyes:
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  7. Anhad

    Anhad New Member

    Hello Friends,
    I bought Galaxy Y GT-S5360 recently. I updated its software to Android 2.3.6, GINGERBREAD.DDLA1 today and faced this problem;
    Everything is working smoothly except that when i receive a call from someone, the screen turns off and if i try to cut the phone by pressing buttons and moving the phone away from my ear the screen does not turn on! This is very frustrating as i cannot cut the call unless the person cuts it himself :(
    This did not use to happen on my previous android version and only happened after i updated it today.
    Please Help! :(
    I bought this phone with my saving :'(
  8. venk

    venk New Member

    @ Anhad.

    First try during or to end the call, Press the HOME ( center square ) button, you can bring back the screen alive any time,also press it for 3 secs to go to task manager.
    second you can increase the duration of screen time out in display from settings
    hope this helps :)
  9. Good1Android

    Good1Android New Member

    hello dear Friends....

    Plzz Give me your suggestion.....

    may i buy New Galaxy y phone...???

    or plzz suggest me any other Android phone...

    Thanks You.
  10. saurabh71

    saurabh71 New Member

    true! I am facing the same problem. Even if the screen does come on it is just for a sec and then again goes off. Seriously thinking of going back to the old firmware, which was just fine.
  11. prateeek

    prateeek New Member

    Hi... I have upgraded the firmware of GT-S5360 to the new version PDA:LA1 / PHONE:LA1 / CSC:LA1(INU). After upgrading i am having problem with the phone dialer.

    1. When i call or receive the call , after disconnecting the call the dialer will take upto of 6 seconds to disconnect the call.
    2. If i use the dialpad for dialing any other numbe. It will take lot of time to respond
    3. The phone automatically goes on hold

    Does any one faced the same problem. Any solution for this ?
  12. aliali1

    aliali1 New Member

    those who bought this phone single means with no back covers scheme ,,or adapter or data cable are facing this problem ..i bought it with back covers shceme i am not facing this problem
  13. ankit22

    ankit22 New Member

    I am facing dual problems..first d incoming call problem dat d caller hears d caller tune bt my phn doesnt ring..secondly sumtyms both outgoing nd incoming calls as well as d msgs r blocked automatically while d handset shows dat d netwrk is full..d problem perishes whn i swich it off twice or thrice..
    how can i rectify dat..pls hlp..
  14. Himanshu Dunej

    Himanshu Dunej New Member

    I'm having the same issue... Will updating the firmware really works?
  15. Himanshu Dunej

    Himanshu Dunej New Member

    I'm having the same issue... Will updating the firmware really works?
  16. Haemogglobin

    Haemogglobin New Member

    Could you slove this problem? I have same problem. I have to restart the phone every day. I need help.
  17. perfect910

    perfect910 New Member

    Just switch off the mobile and remove the SIM card form phone. Then restart the phone without SIM and dial *#*#*#*#7780#*#* to format the phone. After rebooting again switch off the phone and insert SIM card and switch on the phone. The problem is no longer available.
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  18. the real kashu

    the real kashu New Member

    Settings.Privacy.Factory data reset.Reset phone.Music,photos will remain they are on sd card.
  19. ilesh4u

    ilesh4u New Member

    I am getting same problem.
  20. andran

    andran Active Member

    phones are to make and receive calls and also need a good battery !!if that is not working in this phone then whats the use of this phone ??this is why price of this phone is cheap in the market. i will switch to motorola or htc for my next high end phone!
  21. mgrci

    mgrci New Member

    I upgraded to Android 2.3.6 through Kies. After a week, again i had to reboot to make a call.
    My current versions are:
    Model GT-S5360B
    Android 2.3.6
    Baseband S5360BUTKL2
    Kernel se.infra@SEI-14 #1
    Compilation GINGERBREAD.UTKL2

    I have this phone for 3 months (came with v. 2.3.5) - no definitive solution until now.
  22. Atifthe1

    Atifthe1 New Member

    Hi All,
    Even I was facing the problem of the call and mesgs not being received when the screen was turned off.
    I updated the firm ware to 2.3.6 and now its fine.
    Even the battery usage is better now. I was facing a problem that my battery was being drained like anything even during when the screen was turned off, but now its better.
  23. boharag

    boharag New Member

    I have problem with Gt-S5360.
    Even though phone is ON and network is with full tower it says phone is off when others try to call me. When I try to dial it does not allow me dial and call ends within 1 second by displaying "call ended" message. Then I go to network settings enable flight mode for a while and disable flight mode again it starts working. This problem occurs repeatedly almost daily but not certain when and how it occurs. I am surprised what is happening with my mobile. Plz suggest the solution. Thank you in advance.
  24. showryls

    showryls New Member

    Hi guys ,
    having Seen all problems and answers , i also get the same problem will galaxy y , but i got a new problem after updating i get signals but if any one trys to call me they hear that the customer you are caling is out of coverage area though i have full signal strength. what to do any idea guys. please help me
  25. raol

    raol Active Member

    Update your firmware using Kies. Or you could try custom ROMs.

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