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  1. ste104

    ste104 New Member

    I'm new to this forum and just got my incredible 4g, when I get a incoming call the screen shows the incoming phone number buts its very small, anyway to make the number bigger and easier to read? also the incoming call was not recognized as one of my contacts is that because my contact list has the area code included in all my contacts including my home phone/ Thanks.

  2. AndyBones

    AndyBones Well-Known Member

    my dad was complaining about this too actually, hopefully can make bigger
  3. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member

    I've been looking for a solution to the small incoming name & phone number display, too! ....prefer bigger text over a big picture!

    The incoming call issue happens to me once in a while. Come to find out that in most cases, it's friends calling me from work and if the outgoing calls go through an exchange, the outgoing number is not the same as the number you call (and probably not identical to what you have in your contact list). look closely at the numbers to verify if they might be different.
  4. FiveAces

    FiveAces Active Member


    No ideas?
    FYI, there is a setting to increase font size in general, but it doesn't seem to do a thing for the phone numbers on the incoming call screen.

    Maybe some talented individual can come up with an app that can display the calling number over the picture area... especially if you haven't already associated a pic with that contact.

    .......just saying.

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