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Incoming caller tunes

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  1. caandy11

    caandy11 New Member

    can the G1 support incoming caller tunes, where the caller hears a tune instead of a ring. If so how do I make it. THANKS

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  2. ram100987

    ram100987 Well-Known Member

    There is good news and bad news. The good news is basically every phone supports it. The bad news is that the reason most phones support it is because this is done through the network not on your phone so you have to pay t-mo something like 1.49 a month for it and you are limited to their selection of music which is a pretty big selection but is still somewhat limited, especially if your into lesser known bands
  3. Miss Spicy McHaggis

    Miss Spicy McHaggis Well-Known Member

    i have caller tunes, it's been working so far...you do have to pay for it and the songs DO expire. i think i'm going to get rid of mine. i don't want to pay to keep my friends happy with my dropkick murphys or mario theme. they can deal with the ring lol
  4. rifter

    rifter Active Member

    I got rid of mine. They wouldn't work about 70% of the time. My callers would hear a dead line until I picked up. Plus, you have to buy the songs for a year... not permenent, PLUS you have a monthly fee. All in all, caller tunes are a rip-off, in my opinion. Beyond the lack of ringer most of the time, most of my friends did NOT like caller tunes. Two thirds asked me to turn it off for them, and juts have the normal ring.
  5. drustvold

    drustvold Well-Known Member

    Honestly, does anyone want to hear some song you happen to like?

    I wish there was an option to not hear my firends caller tunes. Nothing I hate more then calling someone and then getting blasted in the ear by bearly audible song that sounds like an AM radio playing under the belly of a whale... //end rant
  6. cevatt

    cevatt Member


    this isn't callertunes but for voicemail. lots of functionality. personalize for each caller, visual voicemail, save voicemails as mp3s, & lots more. it even has this "smart" vm system that automatically greets the caller by their name. i don't know if you can choose the G1 as your phone yet but selecting any phone should get you through the majority of the setup. now that i have it i can't do without. plus it's FREE!
  7. jasko

    jasko Member

    I've set up youmail for my G1. Works like a charm!
  8. Quirk

    Quirk Active Member

    wtf is youmail? what does it exactly do?
  9. parker

    parker Member

    wow, i checked, out youmail.com, looks really cool. what keeps them in business since this appears to be *free*?? really like how friends/family can receive their own personalized message! currently i'm using phonetag.com, which like youmail sends my caller's messages to my email as an mp3 file, with the *addition* of a written (transcribed) text message to my phone. i love this part because i simply *read* the message instead of having to listen to it, which is great if the messages arrive during a meeting, seminar, dinner, movie, church, whatever. they *don't* however have the option for individual greetings like youmail *and* it's not free. not that expensive, but not free either. i cancelled my tmobile voicemail option and just set the phone to forward the call to phonetag if it goes unanswered, and busy or in a no-signal area, just like it guess you'd do with youmail as well.

    question tho...i'm assuming tmobile charges us something for forwarded calls? or is that considered like a call from the phone as if we called the number ourselves? i've checked my bill and can't find any charges applied for forwarded calls though...hmmm.

    i'd really like youmail the best if it had the transcription option, and especially since it's free! (i still don't know how they make money, couldn't see any covert advertising i or the caller has to listen to for offsetting the free service. any ideas on that anyone?

    i'm still going to try youmail and see if i like it better, tho i'll probably miss the messages sent to me in an sms text...time will tell.
  10. cevatt

    cevatt Member

    you are in luck because youmail also offers the transcribed text messages sent via sms and email if you so choose. the transcription isn't totally perfect but you have the option to calibrate it each time you receive a message so it can learn to be better. (i'm starting to sound like i work for youmail. sorry, i just friggin love it)

    as far as the minutes go, i used to work as a rep for t-mo and i cannot guarantee this but in the past every line had a hidden bucket of 500 minutes per month for voicemail. it was just kinda there so voicemail didn't come out of regular minutes. And since almost no one uses their voicemail for more than 500min/month no one ever really asked about it or really acknowledged it was there. i would assume since voicemail is forwarded to youmail it would use those same minutes. its been a while since i worked there so maybe if a a current tmo rep is in the forums they could verify that.

    they do have a few ads once you have created an account and login via the website. but once you are setup you don't really have to use the website all that often. the ads i see as i'm moving thru the site now are just typical banners and nothing so annoying that it would prevent you from using the service.
  11. SirFenwick

    SirFenwick Well-Known Member

    I hate Caller Tunes at times. Some people have those I call and it about blows my ears off when the music starts.
  12. Nikki.gal

    Nikki.gal New Member

    Can I create my own caller tune from the music in my phone ?
  13. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    Someone didn't read the second post...You subscribe and pay monthly. This allows you to choose from the availaible songs
  14. Actually the second post is the right answer, you can not do it from uour mobile phone.

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