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Incoming Calls - Notes information on screenSupport

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  1. Bob_F

    Bob_F New Member

    I've only just noticed that when I receive an incoming call, the information from the 'Notes' field of that contact is displayed as the phone is ringing. I use that field to hold a lot of information (I sync with Outlook) and I don't want that stuff appearing on the screen when a call comes in - especially if my phone happens to left with the screen lock off.

    Anyone know if there's a way to suppress this?


  2. Bob_F

    Bob_F New Member

    I'd forgotten about this post - I found my own answer.
    I use DW Contacts & Phone app (superb app - I recommend it).
    There's a setting in the app to show a number of different things on a call, and this option was checked.

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