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  1. kwojo23

    kwojo23 Member

    I live in a city where I've never had issues with Verizon reception or connecting to 4g (or 3g back in the day). But recently, regardless of where I am (work or driving or home), my 4g cuts out non stop. I notice it when I'm using the FB app, doing anything in the internet browser, trying to do google searches, etc. I have juice defender and juice defender plus, and thought maybe for a while that that app was just wiggin out on me, but even when I don't have it running, my 4g still blows. Suggestions?

  2. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    There's something wrong with the network. I've seen enough people complaining over the past few days to know it's not anything to do with my phone.
  3. Spaded21

    Spaded21 Well-Known Member

    I came to the forum to post a topic about the exact same problem. Although mine has been doing this for over a week. I was convinced my antenna was bad or something (on wifi I have no issues). Since someone else is having the same problem maybe it is the network. I am in the Chicago area.
  4. bpyazel

    bpyazel Member

    A lot of complaints going around nationwide about this. I've been having this issue off and on for a few weeks. Definitely something on Verizon's end causing it.
  5. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Bingo. I had 4G signal but no data a couple of weeks ago.
  6. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    This morning my T bolt was back to normal but then this afternoon it's doing the same thing. I'm occasionally losing my 4G and even when it's steady, it's not nearly as fast as it should be.

    I called Verizon and they have nothing to report about any network issues.
  7. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    I've been having same issues for about a week...
    Let's see if we can find some commonalities.

    Is everyone's phone rooted? Mine is rooted with Liquid Smooth Rom.
    What's your average data usage? About 13 GB/month
    What's your data plan? Mine is Unlimited Speed: When it's not cutting in and out I get 3-5mbs a second. Much slower than what it was before.

    Just spoke to Verizon to see if my phone is throttled they said they don't throttle, but they do "optimize." Same S to me whatever you call it....I asked if my account has been flagged for "optimized" and they said it has not.

    Now this is interesting. My worker has the rezound and I have the thunderbolt. I put the two phones side by side and my 4G cuts out every few mins while his stays intact. We both have the unlimited data plan...My speeds are greatly reduced as well. I think they might be limiting speed on unlimited data users....(I think)...

    What are your thoughts?
  8. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    I'm stock and only use around 2GB per month.
  9. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    Jmz768, Are you on unlimited data?So this 4G issue is happening to STOCK minimal data users too...Does anyone know if this is happening to other 4G phones?My coworker's 4G is fine...(but he has a rezound)
  10. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm unlimited. I just tried doing a speed test but it keeps coming back as a communication error before it finishes.

    On other forums I've seen people with other phones complaining.

    Check the Razr Maxx forum on here, they're having the same problem.
  11. Dobieg

    Dobieg Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list. Been happening for around a week.
  12. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    What about everyone's Radio, do you know what version you are using?
    Mine is

    And I'm trying to update it now to to see if that works.
  13. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    I updated my Radio and I DO see an improvement. Been using it for half hour without any 4G signal getting cut....coincidence? If there are still issues, i'll come back to update, but looks like updating the radio fixed the 4G issue for me.

    Update: spoke too soon, my signal just got cut out...but i'd say it's working better
  14. kwojo23

    kwojo23 Member

    How do you update the radio?
    I'm unlimited and have been having issues for a month or a little less. My husband has the Rezound and was complaining about issues maybe a week before I noticed them. He is unlimited too. Neither of us is rooted. We're both running Juice Defender Plus.
  15. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    Found this post on another thread.

    Posted 12 June 2012 - 02:30 PM
    Hey everyone,

    To shed some light on the data/connection issues. A quick search shows a lot of different devices are having connection issues. Verizon has been messing with authentication methods which seem to be affecting some devices in certain areas.

    They seem to be clearing it up some, as connections are have been solid for most the last few days. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

    {CUST} ThunderShed v1.6 | CM7.2 [ICS-ish] {June, 4} - Thunderbolt Development - RootzWiki - Page 420
  16. Gnoop

    Gnoop Well-Known Member

    I've been noticing it since the 9th. Today, things have been fine but I've noticed problems, particularly when launching Maps. Data would cycle on/off every few seconds.
  17. Nyobie

    Nyobie Member

    I'm having problems with the radio signal drop as well. Sometimes the 4G LTE letters disappear entirely, other times I see the 1X or when I watch the display, the 4G LTE pops in and out. I've had this issue for over 3 days now. My location is Southeastern Michigan. In another thread I found on the df Thunderbolt Forum, one user posted that VZ is messing with their data services again. Most likely, we'll have to wait out the glitch. If it lasts all day Friday, I'll be calling them to initiate a complaint and asking for compensation. I have 4 lines with VZ and I think they should work when I need them to.

    EDIT: My phone is rooted and has been since about January and I haven't had any problems until a few days ago. Today is roughly day 3 but I think it's only because the issue seems to have worsened in the past few days. Come to think of it, I think the problem began to be noticeable last weekend, about 4-5 days ago.
  18. Pred-a-tor

    Pred-a-tor Well-Known Member

    I've been reinstalling radios a bunch lately as I've switched back and forth between Thundershed and Liquid 3.2 ROMs. With both I have been having a lot of flakiness with 4G. I live 50 miles south of Nashville, and work in Nashville. Have 4G both places.
  19. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    So I turned off 4G....connection doesn't get cut anymore...3G works fine for now.....

    I guess i'll turn it back on when in a few days to see what's up
  20. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    I had to drive to Chicago today and while there, my 4G was rock solid and blazing fast. Just got back home to the Detroit area and while my signal seems to be holding steady, it's nowhere near as fast as it was in Chicago.
  21. thegish71

    thegish71 Member

    def something wrong with the 4g as of 2 weeks ago, it worked great before that, now I use the 3g more often because of the issues
  22. droidi

    droidi Well-Known Member

    I turned 4G back on today....has worked flawlessly, didn't cut out once today yet...

    4G back up smoothly for everybody?
  23. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    Mine has been better today but there's still a little hiccup in the 4G when loading websites. I also just tried doing a speed test and it lost network communication halfway through. I retested and it was fine the second time.

    20 minutes later, my phone switched to 3G and then shortly after, lost all connection.
  24. jmoose4bama

    jmoose4bama Active Member

    mine has cut out twice already in Tampa. running stock and I have unlimited data
  25. jmz768

    jmz768 Well-Known Member

    I contacted Verizon the other day and received a response from somebody on the "Data Analyst Team". They told me that they had discovered that there was a PRL update that I should have received a while back but hadn't for some reason. He pushed it to my phone and instructed me to do a power cycle to complete the update. When I restarted my phone, I found that I had been updated to PRL 15130.

    Sadly, this story doesn't have a happy ending because it's made absolutely no difference. I'm still experiencing the exact same problems as before.

    I wrote back to the guy helping me out and let him know about the posts on multiple forums by people across the country having this problem. We'll see what they come up with next. I find it hard to believe that Verizon isn't aware of these problems and that somebody on the "Data Analyst Team" wouldn't be in the loop. :mad:

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