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Inconsistent signalSupport

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  1. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    I just got my S2 about a week ago. I have noticed that the signal is very inconsistent, one minute I could have 5 bars, then no bars, then 3 bars and then no bars again. I am coming up from the Transform Ultra which never had this issue. I also noticed that places where I had good signal before with my TU, now I only get so-so signal.

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Are there any current fixes? I am running 100% stock non rooted. ICS 4.0.4 FI22

  2. Kroegs

    Kroegs Well-Known Member

    I have been having similar issues on the gs2. I have called support and have told me that work is being done in my area. Perhaps the same is happening in yours? We run on the sprint network witch is receiving an overhaul currently in a few areas.
  3. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    You called Samsung support? Or Boost Mobile Support? The thing is that I was not having this problem last week when I was using the Transform Ultra
  4. cmitchell17

    cmitchell17 Active Member

    I just got an s2 and it does the same thing here in Tallahassee. It will go from full signal back to almost nothing in less than a minuet. My warp did that but not as bad as the galaxy.
  5. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    Mine is still doing it, however when talking on the phone or texting it is 98% reliable, calls hardly ever drop and texts hardly ever fail. I was close to returning it, but since it was working good even though the signal kept bouncing up and down I decided to keep it. Maybe the signal is consistent but the signal indicator is wrong? Idk. Hopefully it will be fixed with Jelly Bean.
  6. Kroegs

    Kroegs Well-Known Member

    Yea I'm getting close to fed up myself. Two deadlines they have given me have come and gone and its been a month now with my 3g being unusable or barely usable. To me thats unacceptable, even with the 10 dollar refund they gave me for the month. So my 3g has gone from poor 200-700kbps to a horrible 30-60kbps. Some other guys at work are on net10 and strait talk and are getting 1 to 1.8mbps at times. So you can't blame all prepaid service.
  7. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    I have been getting 1.5mbps or so on 3g myself. I did notice it was better when I changed to the FI27 Base band. and the AGAT kernel updated too.

  8. johnbobie

    johnbobie Member

    I am running the stock FI22rom and my signal is great
    Always strong with full bars..only place I have that noticed gives me 2 bars is when I am driving up a local mountain road.
    My 3G averages 1.1-1.4mb/s
    My 4G averages 7.4-11.5mb/s
    so glad I left sprint to save a few bucks
  9. trdtan

    trdtan Well-Known Member

    Just curious, how much were you paying with Sprint?

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