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  1. mysterious24

    mysterious24 New Member

    i am unable to understand my phone is not responding to any usb cable i have tried attaching usb with laptop as well as computer but its not showing. when i changed memory card to another phone it worked...what could be the reason? and how to solve it plzzzz helpppp

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Welcome aboard.

    I just want to let you know that I've moved your thread to its area of discussions. :)
  3. Juxxize

    Juxxize Active Member

    I also have a samsung galaxy y and had a problem like this.
    I had this problem too, are you using kies? or just connecting to the computer without kies.
    Maybe if you try using kies to connect it at least unless your computer recognizes it and all the drivers are installed. If you are using kies to connect disable usb debugging untill your computer recognizes/ connected to your phone.
    First time i used used kies I had to connect / reconnect my phone to the computer about 10 times! before the computer would recognize my phone.
  4. android sgy

    android sgy Active Member

    connect the usb..
    pull down the notification bar on top,
    click on "connect memory card to pc"

    NOw you can find it on your pc...
  5. androidtester3

    androidtester3 Active Member

    Download Kies !! then go to setting > application > enable unknown source . then same module go to developer and enable USB Debugging.

    Then Try !! :)

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