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  1. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Hi guys.

    I just recorded a videoclip which had a strange effect. When in photo albums, instead of a thumbnail of the video in question, the phone created a thumbnail of a video I have recorded previously and then deleted. Does anyone know how to make the phone recreate all thumbnails for the mediafiles? I am leaning towards deleting all the files in
    /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails/ but not sure this is the way to do it?

    // Andreas

  2. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Bump... doesn't anyone have any clue about this guys?

    // Andreas
  3. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    Try it, if they are just thumbnails its ok to delete

    But for the sake of security, please backup thids folder to your PC before you delete it.
  4. giggs

    giggs New Member

    I had the same issue and was able to fix it by deleting /sdcard/android/data/ After deleting that directory the next time I opened the gallery it took about 1 minute for it to load, I'm assuming it was rebuilding the thumbnails. I only had about 20 pictures and 2 videos so it might take longer if you have more files.
  5. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    I'm gonna try this now, because deleting the files in the /sdcard/.thumbnails directory did nothing for my problem - hopefully your fix will. Thanks, I hope it will work.

    EDIT: Turns out I don't have any /sdcard/android folder ? Or is it hidden in some way making me unable to see it?

    // Andreas
  6. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member


    Alright something is really strange here... For one thing, the thumbnail for the video in question is now correct, once I go into the album "videos", don't ask me how it happened. However... If I go to "all albums", the thumbnail depicting the videos folder, still holds the incorrect thumbnail of the video I no longer have on the phone.

    Furthermore.... If I enter ASTRO, and go to the file directory: /sdcard/DCIM/100media I get a bunch of miniatures of the pictures, and the first 2 files in there are showing an incorrect thumbnail for their corresponding image, just like I have in albums.

    Really, it feels like there is something wrong with the cache for the android OS or something, considering trying a hardware reset just to see if it helps, but seeing as such a reset doesnt erase images I am doubtful it will work... I also do not have root-access, so maybe I wont be able to fix this issue by erasing cace files or similar :/

    // Andreas
  7. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Still not giving up on this, here's another clearification; while in "all albums" I see the incorrect thumbnail, representing the videos album. If I go into this album, in filmstrip view, I see each videos correct "smaller image". However, if I switch from filmstrip to grid view, I again see the WRONG thumbnail for the first video.

    This is really annoying me, I mean it's nothing major but just a pure needle-in-the-eye annoyance...

    // Andreas
  8. Dsyke

    Dsyke New Member

    How (if at all) can i prevent the android gallery(which i think sucks) from creating thumbnails of all 6000 of my jpegs? when I took my 8gig sd card out of my Tilt2, it had 3.5 gigs free space. when i put it into my brand new Nexus1, and after the gallery loaded, i had only 2.3 gigs free without adding 1 photo! i dug around with astro and found 1.2 gigs of thumbnails had been created. i don't want or need this to happen. i have put the gallery shortcut in the trash and would much rather use a file explorer (or a great photo viewer like Resco Photo Manager( which i loved on my WinMo phones) to choose the folder i want to view. i have also gone into the sd card directories and deleted all the unwanted files to free up space on my card but they just re appear at a later time. I want it to end!!!
  9. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Bumping this thread in hopes of some help again...

    I have just spoken to the htc customer support, and the guy I spoke to seemed to be of the opinion that somehow the incorrect thumbnail picture I have that represents my video, may in fact be part of the video file.

    This is because I proceeded according to his instructions and made a second copy of the video file on the phone, but both copies of the video-file then received the wrong thumbnail.

    Suspecting he was right I just made a second "check" of this on my own, copying the video files to my harddrive. But sure enough on my computer, the video gets the RIGHT thumbnail....

    So I still suspect that somewhere on my Desire, there is this thumbnail file stored, and somehow is connected to the first video in my gallery. I really wish someone could tell me just exactly WHERE the albums-application stores all of its thumbnails, or how to clear its cache as I feel this is the one thing that might solve my problem.

    I would like to reiterate that I have already deleted the files in /sdcard/DCIM/.thumbnails several times, and this hasn't helped, so there must be someplace else where thumbnails are stored too.

    EDIT: I just made another test here... I deleted the videos with the incorrect thumbnails, and proceeded to make a new video. This new video, again, received the same incorrect thumbnail that my previous videos had. This only strengthens my belief that there is a thumbnail located on the phone, and it is being automatically connected to whichever video I make that is placed in the "first" video position.

    // Andreas
  10. andreas81

    andreas81 Active Member

    Ok finally I SEEM to have fixed this crap...

    Here's what I did... First off I deleted all my videos from the phone. Then I went into Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Photos and chose "Clear cache" (duh), after which I proceeded to power down my phone and restart it (just wanted to make sure I cleared everything I possibly could think of).

    After the reboot, I now get the correct thumbnails for new videos I make. I also copied back the videos I had earlier from my pc, including the one which had the incorrect thumbnail, and it is now represented by a correct thumbnail showing its content.

    Hopefully this issue won't come back, time will tell.

    // Andreas
  11. xstahsie

    xstahsie Member

    Thank you!! Finally a solution. I could not figure this out for awhile. Got my HTC Incredible (Android 2.1) about a week ago, transferred videos from my microSD card to PC and recorded some new videos but it kept on using the wrong thumbnail.

    Followed the steps provided by you and IT WORKS!!! :) Definitely need to restart your phone or else same problem.

    Definitely a CACHE bug in the "Photo" program. I think it's developed by HTC. Anyways, the problem will likely reoccur down the road and hoped it's fixed in Android 2.2 this June.


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