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  1. dilalio

    dilalio New Member

    I seem to have been round the houses trying to solve this one!

    Having read many threads and followed various dead ends, can anyone provide a solution to my predicament?

    I have a works mobile- Galaxy lls on the BT network, I use it in my works van to communicate regularly with head office via a Bury Take&talk bluetooth cradle. This is a new cradle which had recently been given to us to replace the previous Nokia cradle that connected to the Bury base unit. The Nokia worked fine with the nokia cradle.

    On the Take&talk cradle are volume up and down buttons (left hand side).
    During calls to or from the Galaxy, via the bluetooth cradle connection, through the stereo speakers, the in-call bluetooth volume is very low and needs to be turned up using the cradle volume buttons every time a call is made! When the call ends the bluetooth volume resets to low again and has to AGAIN be altered during the next call- very annoying AND distracting!

    I have tried various solutions...
    Volume Locker app- doesn't work!
    Altering settings in service mode (5)Audio - cant be done as I am unable to access this menu- it just loops back to the main menu.
    I've googled and read and googled and read and...

    Anyway... Is there now finally a solution to this that would work with my particular phone?

    Any help would be great as it's driving me nuts, knowing others seem to have been able to resolve this!

  2. dilalio

    dilalio New Member

    Is there any other way to get into option 5(audio) menu of the service mode other than code published elswhere in this forum? As others have mentioned, Samsung seemed to have locked this access option out and I am wondering if there is another way into it that would then allow me to alter the default volume presets.


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