Increase Internal memory by Link2Sd Tutorial

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  1. Paras Salot

    Paras Salot Member

    How to increase internal phone memory of Samsung Galaxy Y (or any android smartphones) :



    1.ROOT your phone first

    2.Download the files given below and move to sdcard::

    a)Skin of CWM
    b) LINK2sd

    3.Install link2sd

    4.Restart in Recovery mode :Volume up +Home button +lock button

    5.Select apply update from sd card...Select Skin of CWM...go to advanced and partition

    6.Select anything upto 1 gb its ur choice .this wil go in internal 0mb

    5.reboot...Select Link2sd and select "ext3"


    7.LINK the apps to sd which you want

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  2. avelis26

    avelis26 Well-Known Member

    So basically this will partition the SD card and combine that to the internal storage similar to spanning disks in an array? Haven't looked at the files yet... just guessing based on instructions.
    Is it limited to only 1gb?
    Can I allot the entire external SD card?
  3. Paras Salot

    Paras Salot Member

    basically this will partition the SD card and we can use that part of sd card for storing internal memory(to store apps:D) per devs anything upto 1 gb works perfectly the wawy 1gb is more than enough:)

    U can even bring back to normal state:cool: by
    RE PARTITION MEMORY CARD (Move back to normal state) in Android - YouTube
    so even if u messed up its simple to restore

  4. flo28rin

    flo28rin Member

    why "ext3" and not another?
  5. kryptoscode

    kryptoscode New Member

    I have successfully installed this however I now have dead links on my applications Im using go launcher app.

    Please help how do I restore does apps back.

  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    I guess there is a option in the link2sd app,
    to relink the files :)
  7. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

  8. ajatshatru

    ajatshatru New Member

    I was not able to start my phone with reboot method. My phone goes to recovery mode after pressing given key combination which shows Downloading Icon and it doesn't go away. I'm having phone mode Galaxy 5 with Europa 2.2 version. Can you tell me how I can go for internal mem spacing with above config????
  9. alanjg

    alanjg New Member

    Hello All. I'm tired of this android gyaan its too much :p Please read carefully and understand what i say and Please Help me. As i know less about this tech :)
    I have Galaxy Y Duos S6102.
    Here is what i have done. I have 8GB SD card. Its rooted and many of my applications and themes are moved to SD card by Link2SD and Link2SD is also installed in sd card.

    Now i want to partition my SD card with same data and apps on that ext3 or whatever partition we have 2 do.
    How to do this? i dont want to format my sd card and lose data.

    Yes i have made a backup of my current sd card.

    Now, If i format my sd card to fat 32 and then again format to 1GB of ext3 type or whatever where will my previous installed apps on sd go ? as its not available in sd and rest 6.XX GB of memory will be empty what can i do there? can i add mp3's and media files and keep it for other storage ?

    And i dont want to do Mod on this and i want it stock and rooted that's it.

    and what i want is : partition my sd card and have that ext2 or 3 whatever and all my current installed apps present in that ext part of my SD card so that when i use any app it should work well.

    Please help me asap.
  10. budilaks

    budilaks New Member

    1. put your sdcard in adapter connect to pc or laptop.
    2. run minitools partition wizard home edition.
    3. move/resize your sdcard partition, lower to 7GB (drag the rightside to the left)
    4. make new partition PRIMARY EXT2 for the rest of sdcard (1GB on the right of fat32 partition)
    be carefull not to change anything to your pc/laptop partition.
    5. APPLY
    6. then put back you sdcard to your phone
  11. asecord2009

    asecord2009 New Member

    I've done everything instructions tell me to do but when I reboot and try to install from SD it don't have the skin link it just aborts install. I've downloaded both links and memorized the video so where did I go wrong? Thanks in advance
  12. Shanil

    Shanil New Member

    That's a warning once you create the script in link2sd that if this comes up again, second partition will not be mounted on boot. And that comes everytime I reboot.:(:(
    Will anyone please help me out if any solution is possible for this??
  13. gamesc

    gamesc New Member

    did all the above steps with Link2SD and Skin of CWM
    but when I reboot the phone it doesn't recognize the external storage and asks me if I want to format it.
    same thing happens when I use MIni tool partition!!
    Someone please help!!
  14. ashish17071984

    ashish17071984 New Member

    i cant find Skin of CWM this file has been remover from the server.
    so please help me ..
  15. Rstgo

    Rstgo New Member

    i had the padawan v3 rom on my gnote i717 and i thought increaseing internal memory would be usefull but when i did this procedure it hard bricked my gnote i could not get it to start or do anything
    when i connected it to my pc it said it could not find driver QHSUSB_DLOAD took ithe gnote back to at&t told them it just woudn't turn on and they gave me a new one, i don't know if i did something wrong but i thought i should warn anyone thinking about trying this
    procedure of the posibility of encountering the same problem but on a lighter note i did use this procedure on an cricket zte x500 and it work perfectly .thanks to the devs for that because the zte x500 was always saying it was out of memory so thanks and if any one knows how i could make this work for me i would appreciat any tips or advice..thank you everyone.
  16. Marvik

    Marvik New Member

    Hello! Does my SD card havta be empty? Or if it's not empty, will be my data overwritten by partitioning? Thank you.

    edit: Ok. I did not see that vid before. I only read instructions. In the vid it's said to bkup the sd, because it will be formatted. I see now. So I'll havta bkup before I try this.
  17. Marvik

    Marvik New Member

    And for 2nd above, you can just google it and find it somewhere else like I did. It is late for this message, though, because that question was from September.
  18. Dablanc

    Dablanc New Member

    I'm planning to do this. I've already backed up my sd card, but i have installed applications on it. Do i have uninstall all of them to start with this? Is it compatible with android 2.3.6?
    Thanks in advance.
  19. IanDrexP

    IanDrexP New Member

    after the partitioning process it wiped my sd card clean =( help?

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