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Increase overall font sizeSupport

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  1. rt78

    rt78 New Member

    I'm quite new to this atrix andriod experience and so far everything seems to be quite good. However one thing I did notice is tat the overall font size for text within apps is too small. Is there anyway the font sizes can be increased without any rooting of the phone. The current sizes are really killin my eyes.....thanx

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  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    I think it's not possible without rooting. I've tried "Spare parts", which has option to change font size on rooted and not rooted phone, but it was not working.
    On rooted phone, you can use "LCD Density Changer" or "LCDDensity for root", which works great.
    Easier way (on rooted phone) is to edit build.prop :

    Maybe adb can write the filestem even on not rooted phone? You can try it (of course chage just lsd density, not the properties suggested in next link) :
    Quick guide to modifying build.prop with ADB - Android @ MoDaCo

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