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  1. nelhop

    nelhop Member

    I am hearing impaired and seldom use my optimus V for phone calls. But occasionally I do need to make a phone call. The volume of the speakers at maximum is too soft for me to hear the person I'm calling. There are volume boost apps available on Google Play. I would like to know if anyone has tried one of these apps and can report that the app worked and did not damage the speakers.

    I contacted Virgin Mobile to ask about a safe app and the only reply I got was to purchase a TTY device. Well, they're expensive but more to the point, they're huge, certainly not something you could carry even in a large pocket.


  2. iwantbruce

    iwantbruce Active Member

    Perhaps using earbuds (those in-ear headphones) will help. Even a using a cheap $10 pair of earbuds seems to me to be much louder than the phones speaker, don't know of any apps that will increase a device's sound output.
  3. nelhop

    nelhop Member

    Thanks for the suggestion. I would use earbuds if I didn't already have hearing aids stuck in my ears :). Without the hearing aids I am essentially deaf. I've tried headphones that cover the ear but they either cause terrible feedback to my hearing aids or don't help at all. I would just get a different cell phone except that I think they all limit the volume to protect users' ears or the tiny speakers.
  4. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    speaker phone and hold the phone backwards so rear larger speaker is in ear, they will still hear you talk. youll go even more deaf though ;) it will be LOUD.
  5. nelhop

    nelhop Member

    You're right. It is louder if I hold the speaker on the back side to my ear. Just a little bit louder but every little bit helps. You, obviously, have excellent hearing :).
  6. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    Well I protect it when I can, could go extreme, build a case for the back to hold a bigger speaker off the battery cover, take apart one of those bullet speakers they sell for phones n tablets, plugged into ear phone jack, will be a nice slim but large 2-3in speaker to rest your ear on.

    Anyone within 50ft will know what the other person is saying, [lay off the phone sex in public ;) ]
  7. nelhop

    nelhop Member

    Now that's an interesting idea. I had never heard of "bullet speakers" and just googled them. I have a son who is a physicist/engineer who might just be able to help me with that. He's coming to visit over the holidays.

    I really only need to make a phone call or two a month, perhaps in a noisy area. Carrying something small to increase volume would make it possible.

    You have given me some very helpful ideas.
  8. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    There are phone accessories intended just for the hearing impaired applications. They connect the phone's audio to your hearing aids without the feedback problem. Here's one website that offers such products:

    SoundBytes: Products for Deaf & Hard of Hearing

  9. nelhop

    nelhop Member

    Another good suggestion I will look into. Not too much to carry. Thank you very much.

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