Increase video Buffer?

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  1. Crodps

    Crodps Member

    I was wondering.
    Since my internet connection isn't that fast, is there a way to increase the browser's buffer for video so that it loads the entire video (or a large chunk) and then I can watch it without interruptions?

    Currently I wait for the video buffer to fill as far as it goes (it's only worth a few seconds of video) and I am constantly interrupted by the "video buffering" message. Since I can't increase the speed of my connection I thought that increasing the amount of video data that gets buffered would give me a better viewing experience.

    Is anything of that sorts remotely possible or is there an easy fix?

  2. With what app? Normally, once the video starts loading, you can just pause it and let it load for a few minutes.
  3. Crodps

    Crodps Member

    This happens to me when using the web browser.
    If I pause it and let it load, it only loads a few seconds worth and stops until I press play again. (Using Megavideo).
    Youtube seems to work better.
  4. aalavandhan

    aalavandhan New Member

    I am facing the same problem. any fix available?
  5. BK_

    BK_ New Member

    I am having the same problem. Isn't there a way to play videos without so many pauses?
  6. jasen4

    jasen4 Member

    Can anybody else help me i want to watch youtube video and other videos from other site with my android but it keeps buffering

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