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  1. MTBHalifax

    MTBHalifax New Member

    My Dad is sruggling to read emails/SMS messages on his new HTC Magic ... HTC confirmed there is nothing on the handset to increase font size. Anybody have any ideas please?

  2. dynodroid

    dynodroid Well-Known Member

    With SMS messages, you can download ChompSMS and increase the font size to fix your issue there.

    Also, you setup a Shortcut, to a bookmark, to gmail through the browser so you can zoom in with the browser.

    Other than those two options, I'm not too sure you have many more.

    Maybe this is something JF or Haykuro can introduce in their builds? Although, I have no idea what that all consists of so don't hold me to it, or them to it.
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  3. MTBHalifax

    MTBHalifax New Member

    Thanks !! That's the SMS text sorted.

    Now for a go at the email ...
  4. mikesclee

    mikesclee New Member

    Is there a software I can purchase that can increase the text size of all applications eg. contact, sms, etc. No use increasing the SMS and still can't read my contacts and internet. The reason I'm still not getting the iPhone, WM 6.5 or Android phones is because the text size is too small even when set to to the largest. iPhone does have a feature that need you to use 3 fingers tap which I find very stupid. With Nokia, I can purchase Font Magnifier (10 Euro) which works perfectly on my N97, N97 mini & 5800.

    If there's a similar software for Android & Apple, I'll get the upcoming HTC 4G or iPhone 4G.
  5. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I got an Incredible and had to go out and buy some old-lady glasses. Sigh. Oh well, I AM an old lady, so I guess it's not too embarrassing.
  6. ricnar456

    ricnar456 Well-Known Member

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  7. laurentypo

    laurentypo Well-Known Member

  8. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can change the font in the phone altogether with a bigger font.
  9. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    I was the same when I got to the point of needing reading glasses. Didn't want to do at first and tried the larger fonts route (on a Nokia - the app was never updated as fast as Symbian was on the phone) and then the larger screen route (Desire HD). The only thing that works is ....

    ... well, not 'old-lady' glasses in my case, but 'old fogey' glasses. Keep a pair all over the place so I don't get caught out. Sometimes have to get my 7 year old to tell me what things say if I forget them!

    I say, s*d the 3D screens and the like, just have a magnifying screen ...! :cool:

  10. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    My "solution" was to buy a Galaxy Player 5.0. Don't think I'll look at my phone again.

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