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  1. fan01

    fan01 New Member

    i just had my samsung galaxy s2. in order to save battery, i close all applications and also fast performance.

    have noticed though that last week my ram status was on a average of 226mb/837 mb.
    but this week, i noticed that even if i close all my apps through task manager on ram tab to clear memory. it is now reading 331mb/837mb.

    have deleted most cache but it wont go back to 226mb usage. so i am thinking something is eating up my ram.

    can you please assist as to how i can keep it at a low usage?

    thanks in advance

  2. Twinn

    Twinn Well-Known Member

    Best option would be rooting ur phone and then freeze/remove not needed apps. it deffo sorts out this problem, but that means void of warranty.
  3. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    Since you have free RAM why worry about it?

    Android knows what it is doing, leave it to deal with the memory management. If it needs to free up RAM by closing apps it will do so. You are more likely to do harm than good messing about with it.
  4. heshanj

    heshanj Well-Known Member

    i agree with lotus49, leave the memory management to android.. 200mb is a lot of free ram as it is.. u could try rooting and removing unused apps that maybe running in the background, there are good apps to find out wats unnecessarily running (android assistant is one), and titanium is the app to remove freeze them.. but again, i think ur being unnecessarily concerned :)
  5. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    agree with the above. more senior members of the forum have said before they never clear their RAM, and if theres some free there's no problem.

    personally i vary between 300 and 500 RAM used, it never seems to make any difference to performance how much is used and whether you clear it or not.
  6. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Spent less time worrying about your RAM and mnore time using and enjoying your phone.

    Some get so OCD they can no longer enjoy the hardware!
  7. markjwilson

    markjwilson Member

    You want to try my old HTC Desire, you really had to fight and manage your apps to get 20mb!!!
  8. fan01

    fan01 New Member

    Thanks everyone.i understand and see that it flactuates and no harm done on my phone.
    I am d envy of my officemates because of this phone.

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