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increasing soundSupport

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  1. WhatMyEye

    WhatMyEye Member

    so with 50% volume in headphones 100% sounds the same

    equalizers dont help... is there a way to get better headset sound of this sgs2?

    my samsung indulge from metropcs is louder than it with headphones, it has voodoo sound and a kernel for it so i dont know if thats whats holding me back

    im using aokp jb and siyah kernel... can someone please helP?

    id like loud music while using headphones! lol

  2. maxmaxter

    maxmaxter Well-Known Member

    You might need to use some headphones that have an amplifier... Make sure you are also using the latest version of Siyah Kernel (I think it's 4.3.3).

    Food for thought on loud headphones (there is no coming back from hearing damage): https://www.nidcd.nih.gov/health/hearing/pages/noise.aspx

  3. WhatMyEye

    WhatMyEye Member

    bastard! made me lose hope with facts..
    i dont want to blow out my ears just have enough quality and power to sound right
    on 65% or so

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