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.::Incredible 4g Speculation and Rumor Thread::.General

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  1. jbishop8135

    jbishop8135 Member

    For what it is worth. Just talked to a Verizon rep. He said they are looking for a release at the end of May or 1st part of June. So, that is another rumor to add to the list. Hopefully it will be out before the 9th of June, then I get one for my birthday.

  2. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    Fathers day gift for me. Phone from my wife. Otterbox from my mom
  3. AlbaChev

    AlbaChev Member

    For all of the folks getting info from your reps, and questioning the accuracy of the responses... Please just be happy you at least got an educated guess. Now this is partly my fault for wanting to live in the middle of the woods up by the Canadian border but here is the response for my inquiry today from the closest store:

    Me: Do you happen to know when you'll be getting the Incredible 4g?
    Rep: 4g is out already and it is incredible! Its alot faster than 3g, we got to try it when we were down by the Cities.
    Me: I'm actually referring to the HTC device named the "Incredible 4g".
    Rep: Umm, (covers the receiver and asks someone else) Well we get new stuff in all the time.
    Me: Thank you and have a wonderful day. :eek:
  4. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    Seriously, I laughed out loud. I should go in and ask the resellers here. They won't have a clue, but the reply should be good. Last time I talked phones that were not out yet, I was giving them information they didn't know.
  5. AlbaChev

    AlbaChev Member

    It is hysterical! I hope your sitting down for the punchline... it's a corporate store.
  6. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    I bet you the rep had an iPhone. All the reps at our store have android phones and usually don't know jack but do know names of phones.
  7. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    AT&T reps are not allowed iPhone's anymore. Since the iPhone is so heavily subsidized, they are forcing their reps to carry something else to hopefully move more customers off the iPhone going forward. I would be surprised if VZW didn't do the same.
  8. mjdecker

    mjdecker Member

    Well I joined the ranks of calling VZW... wanted to see if I could talk into some deal they could work out with the Galaxy Nexus (how amazon has it for $50 for new customers) ... first, the rep went over my account and said.. "I see you have the original Incredible and you've had that a little over two years so you're definitely ready for an upgrade." Asked if there was a phone I was interested in so I mentioned the DINC4G.. and I was surprised she said aside what was announced at the conference, there's nothing more she knows about. Then I mentioned the Galaxy Nexus and she started raving left and right... which the only things slowing me down from jumping ship to that is I'd rather have the smaller screen, want microSD, and a friend mentioned about some issues with Samsung antennas. Unfortunately couldn't get any kinda of deal however the rep was trying to justify how the $30 upgrade charge and how it got slashed off with my upgrade discount was a deal in itself... told her I'll stick with what I have for now.
  9. today

    today Well-Known Member

    That "upgrade" fee is just a way of stealing my loyalty discount. Big pile of BS if you ask me. If I have to I'll stick with my dinc. It's been a great phone/mini-tablet. Been getting new phones every two years from big red for eighteen years. After my contract is over my monthly bill stays the same so I feel like I'm paying for the upgrade subsidy anyway, so I get a new phone. I really like what I've read and have seen about the 4g3 lte and feel that it's a real nice upgrade from my og. Please release my next phone now.
  10. ONJFan

    ONJFan Well-Known Member

    I think Verizon shot themselves in the foot since this whole grandfather clause mess. I've been with them for 11 yrs and now my contract is up for my origl Inc. They could have had 2 yr renewals from me but now I don't think i will ever sign another contract.

    When the Inc 4g is released I will pay full price and keep my plan. If it gets poor reviews then i will wait for the iphone5 but still pay full price. I may even just keep my orig Inc. I no longer trust Verizon and changes they may make on my plan regarding unlimited data.
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  11. NightxFall

    NightxFall Well-Known Member

    The shared data plans probably wont take effect til after this phone comes out
  12. modelyacht

    modelyacht Well-Known Member

    Or maybe that's part of the reason this new 4G phone hasn't been released yet?

    I know, always the cynic...but someone's got to do it.
  13. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Well-Known Member

    So you really think that VZW isn't going to release another 4G phone until the end of the year when the shared data plans come out?

    There is zero chance of that.
  14. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I've seen stories about VZW not pushing the iPhone and discouraging people from buying it.

    You are so lucky to have people in your family that will buy you tech. I love tech and I love gadgets. My family knows this, but refuses to buy me anything because they won't spend the money. They'll drop $200-300 on some toy for the kids and they'll happily accept the Kindle DX that they wanted from me and then give me socks. 'Tis better to give.
  15. FramCire

    FramCire Well-Known Member

    I am very blessed. My wife has told me to buy a new phone if I want one but I am waiting for this phone. So I'll make it a fathers day gift, even though I could just buy it. I got my wife a nook color for mothers day that she didn't expect. Getting the phone makes sure she doesn't overspend for me for fathers day.
  16. thebeeobee

    thebeeobee Member

    If you have any "sources" to call, you can find out if it will be out tomorrow now (as they get their shipments/notifications on the weds before a thurs release).

    Else, we're waiting again until next Thursday.

    The $40 credit ends on Thursday night at midnight...which makes me wonder what memorial day weekend sale Verizon is planning. Might jump at a Razr Maxx because this wait is a bit much.
  17. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    Sorry but I have read a lot of stuff lately but what $40 credit are you talking about.
  18. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    sorry dbl post
  19. thebeeobee

    thebeeobee Member

    See the top right area on amazonwireless or any 4g phone on wirefly.
  20. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    ah. thank you. wish i could use my $100 4g upgrade coupon there
  21. thebeeobee

    thebeeobee Member

    I just tried to the $100 discount chatting with someone on verizon's website. No go...but I'm not giving up. So jealous of you.

    Quiet day today, so I assume we're waiting until next Thursday (at least).
  22. rabiddawgs

    rabiddawgs Well-Known Member

    yeah it is nice to have but not doing a darn thing sitting here not being able to use it. geesh i wish the inc4g would come out already.
    i very well could just get the maxx but i really dont want too. i have read way too much about broken internal screens
  23. dsgb3k

    dsgb3k Well-Known Member

    I jumped ship to at&t for the one x. Best decision I have made phone wise, this thing is amazing
  24. today

    today Well-Known Member

    What kind of deal did you get? Do you like the signal coverage where you live?
  25. dsgb3k

    dsgb3k Well-Known Member

    I got it from the store, but they gave me a case and charger for free so it was about $70 off. $199 total.

    I get great signal in the cleveland area, it's super quick but we have a huge at&t lte network out here. I know at&t is pretty shabby in non metro areas though. Any way I don't want to derail this thread too much. I hope the inc4g is even half as good as this phone, it's a billion times better than the og inc
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