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Incredible causing Macbook blackout?!General (Browse All)

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  1. ironjohn

    ironjohn New Member This Topic's Starter

    May 13, 2010
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    Hello all,

    I've been browsing these forums even before getting my Incredible and decided to make my first post about an odd issue involving my 13.3" Macbook Pro and phone. I didn't see this posted, so forgive me if it has been.

    Sometimes I tend to place my phone on the palm rest while connected to the computer, charging, etc. I noticed when the phone is placed over the upper-left palm rest (slightly over the fn,control,alt keys) and I pick it up, the computer screen will go blank and return as if it were awoken from sleep mode.

    I've also successfully repeated this several times (hoping no damage will be caused to either devices). I also have held the phone (hovered) right above the suspect area and the same thing happens. It does not affect the right side palm rest.

    From what I've seen on a dissection of the computer, the hdd is not under the left palm rest. Part of the battery is located in that area I believe, so that may be an issue. Nothing actually happens to the phone during this, just the computer blackout and returns normally. I have no other issues with my computer.

    I currently don't have anything to record this but once I do, I may post a video. I'm aware that the issue can be avoided by not placing my phone there but I was just curious if anyone else has had the same experience or could reproduce it with their Macbook Pro or Macbook.

    It's a lengthy first post but looking forward to any input/comments and may post this elsewhere. Thanks!


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