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  1. GPShift

    GPShift Member

    Im getting a malform json error on my incredible when I try and refresh the news feed.


  2. GPShift

    GPShift Member

    I have cleared all cache, form data, and even force stopped the application in the application data section.

    additionally I have made sure I was logged off facebook elsewhere
  3. Pryomancer

    Pryomancer Well-Known Member

    I love the title of this topic.
  4. rwZephyr

    rwZephyr Well-Known Member


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  5. revphred

    revphred New Member

    I'm getting the same error message on my Motorola Droid
  6. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    I thought you were referring to the fact that they have screwed up privacy on their site again...until I opened the thread. ;)
  7. TrickyRicky

    TrickyRicky Active Member

    Same problem here. Can't view profile or comment on any posts to my page. Any fixes yet?
  8. thisiisnick

    thisiisnick Member

  9. TrickyRicky

    TrickyRicky Active Member

  10. dylo22

    dylo22 Well-Known Member

    No problems here. When I refresh I get no errors. Maybe it's regional?
  11. TheBeardedMann

    TheBeardedMann Well-Known Member

    Me too.

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