Incredible HD Video Capabilities?General

  1. renesis22

    renesis22 Well-Known Member

    Related to the front page story... Nexus HD do you all think there may be a software update or something in the future that will upgrade the video-taking capabilities of our Incredible? I'm assuming that we could since the Incredible is nearly identical to the Nexus One, and it's actually a bit better in several areas.

    I know HD video is kind of dumb on a smartphone, but wouldn't it be nice to just have it? Then the iPhone 4 has only got a bit of battery life, frontfacing camera and gyroscope over the Incredible. Olllld newsss :p

  2. mdonova33

    mdonova33 Well-Known Member

    If an OTA update comes along and unlocks this, I would be very pleased.

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