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  1. mambs01

    mambs01 New Member

    How do you delete a custom HTC Sense "Scene" once you have saved it?



  2. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    Just tap and hold on the custom scene you want to delete. Then choose delete.
  3. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    that don't work...i was wondering the same thing
  4. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    It works only for the My Scenes section. You cannot delete original HTC Scenes.
  5. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    still doesn't work for me...
  6. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    Thats odd because I am doing it that way right now.
  7. fish2587

    fish2587 Well-Known Member

    you can't drag it down to the trash if you hold down on it?
  8. Jeffruby

    Jeffruby Well-Known Member

    Does not work for me either
  9. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    long press for me just selects that scene
  10. Jeffruby

    Jeffruby Well-Known Member

    Ha just figured it out! Only works if u do it from general settings/personalize/scenes. Won't work from menu/scenes from homecreen
  11. Shotgunx1x

    Shotgunx1x Well-Known Member

    Yeah, that was how I was doing it. Was not even trying to do it from the home screen.
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  12. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

  13. kayst

    kayst Well-Known Member

    I never even noticed you could get to scenes that way - always went in via Menu.
  14. jimhorner

    jimhorner New Member

    There are two types of scenes on my HTC incredible from Verizon: Scenes that I've created and the built-in scenes (Verizon Scene, HTC, Social, Work, Play, Travel, and Clean Slate)

    Deleting the user defined scenes is fairly straightforward, although it's non-intuitive. Go to: Menu->Settings->Personalize->scenes. Long press on the scene to be deleted and a pop-up menu comes up asking to Rename or Delete. That's pretty easy.

    Deleting the built-in, pre-loaded scenes is more work, but I discovered yesterday how to do it, so I wanted to share that here. There may be other ways to achieve the same end, but I'll show how I did it. Note, that you must have root permissions to do this, and if you break something, it's not my fault.

    All of the scenes are stored in a SQLite database in /data/data/ The database is launcher.db. I used Root Exploer to go to /data/data/ and copy the databases folder first for backup purposes. Then I used SQLite Editor to edit the launcher.db database file. There are 6 tables in the database:


    The table to edit is widget_workspaces. It'll have a list of all of the scenes, both user defined and built in. Long press on each scene to delete and a pop-up menu will be shown. Click Delete Record to remove the scene. The phone must be rebooted for the change to take effect. I removed all of the built-in scenes successfully with-out seeing any ill-effects from the change. Now, the only scenes on the phone are the ones I want and not the ones the verizon/htc want me to have.

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