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Incredible Launching April 25th......General (Browse All)

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    Apr 7, 2010
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    HTC Incredible launching on Verizon Wireless on April 25th? Rumors by Todd Haselton on Wednesday April 07, 2010. Please note that this story is based upon rumor and/or speculation. Rumors are swirling that the HTC Incredible could launch on Verizon Wireless on Sunday April 25th. The HTC Incredible is suspected to be a high powered Android smartphone. Engadget uncovered a thread on the Phandroid forums that suggests a device, dubbed "Top Secret Code name: 6" is coming soon. Engadget also said that Verizon Wireless sent out a corporate email stating that "new devices are launching soon." That could, however, be linked to Microsoft's event next week, too. [via Engadget]


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