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Incredible S slow after ICS install.Support

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  1. orb

    orb Member

    Anybody else having problems with their Incredible S after updating to ICS? I just had the update and my phone is now a lot slower and more laggy than it was previously :(

  2. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I'd strongly recommend doing a backup and factory reset after such a big upgrade.
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  3. orb

    orb Member

    Ah - ok Thank you. I've got My Backup Pro installed, so I'll just back the whole phone up on that.

    Thanks again
  4. azz1844

    azz1844 New Member

    Did it work? I am having similar problems, but obviously don't want to lose any apps or data.
  5. orb

    orb Member

    Sorry, forgot to report back..

    Yes, it worked :)

    Just a word of warning though.. Before you or anyone else for that matter tries the factory reset.. Make sure you have EVERYTHING backed up!! Even after I backed-up and restored everything using My Backup Pro, most of my app icons didn't return to my seven desktop screen (about 100 apps.) Only a few showed up so I had to try and remember where they all went again :eek:

    Also.. If you have purchased apps on your phone and following the factory reset you're phone tell you that you need to buy them again DON'T!! Just go to the Play Store and get them again from there, as they should show up as already purchased there. Mine did.
  6. neilmcl

    neilmcl New Member

    Yeah, did mine last night with My Backup Pro and had similar issues as you. Not all apps appeared on the home screens, had to set up all my synch accounts from scratch, I lost all on-screen folders I'd set up, not all data for the apps was restored as most apps started as if it was the first time. Also, it was a pain to have to manually "walk" through the install of the restored apps. Not the sort of experience I was expecting from My Backup Pro!

    On the up side the ICS appears to be less laggy now.
  7. vicky321

    vicky321 New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I had updated my HTC Incredible S recently and found ICS was great but had major problems as phone became "laggy" and took more than 16 seconds to get back to Home Screen after hitting the Home Icon.

    I did search for the solution on google and found the trick mentioned by Luckyone199 in the link below:-


    And guess what.... It worked wonders!!

    Just go to DEVELOPER OPTIONS under Settings and UNCHECK ''DON'T KEEP ACTIVITIES'' on bottom of the menu.

    It just worked great and now my phones is ultra-fast and I able to make the best of what ICS had to offer.

    It should work for other phones too. Thanks to Luckyone199 and to Androidforums.com. Please do try and post your experience to help others.

  8. shredder56

    shredder56 New Member

    My problem is that the USB port has stopped working.
    Everytime I attach the cable, the Navigation Program starts up.
    I have tried different cables, Computer, Setting's etc..
    All was well yesterday....anyone else seen this yet?
    I have also done a Factory Default.

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