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  1. morgreh

    morgreh Member

    Hi all.

    I currently have a Droid Incredible and have since release day. I've been very happy with it in general.

    I have the opportunity to get a Droid Inc2 for free. I was wondering if the forum users could give me any advice, gotchas, tips or things to be aware of about the Inc2 that I might need to know before going changing over to the Inc2.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

  2. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    One thing, it isnt a big thing, but the lock button on the top of the phone is opposite the Inc. which screwed me up.
  3. cougar618

    cougar618 Member

    The only real minus I think would be not being able to root. Even then, I wouldn't say that should keep you from upgrading only because imho the inc2 seems more stable. I would bounce back and forth from stock to CM7 to Z roms on a nearly weekly basis when I had the inc, mostly because CM7 was unstable, but I couldn't stand the texting lag.

    The camera is way better on the inc2, the bigger screen is nice, and kinda noticeable, I miss the optical track ball though.

    on the original inc, I had issues with texting lag, and sometimes it would get so bad that I'd have to restart the keyboard and text app, via force close. It's much better, but still happens with the inc2. The only fix for this is gingerbread (CM7 never had the input issue).

    Would I Recommend the Inc2 to inc users? I'd say meh. If you ****ed your phone somehow, like taking it for a cool swim on a summer day, then sure :). If your upgrade doesn't affect your NE2, need the slightly bigger screen, and a better blur free camera, then sure. Go for it. If getting the phone means you have to wait more than 1 year, then I'd pass.

    My contract expires in dec, but I'm waiting on next year devices. Maybe one of them will do VOIP on 4G, and allow for you turn off the CDMA radio, saving battery life.
  4. cougar618

    cougar618 Member

    lol It took me a month to get use to that. Also the placement of the audio jack went from pretty bad to horrible, for landscape viewing.
  5. morgreh

    morgreh Member

    So, a little more info, my current INC is not rooted. I'm interested in it, but obviously not enough to screw up my phone. So rooting isn't a huge deal for me.

    The INC2 I can get for free, shouldn't affect my current plan at all as it is literally as if I am being given the phone by a third party. I should be able to just call Verizon and have them activate my number on the Inc2.

    I could then, in theory trickle down my Inc to my wife, and add a data plan to her line to support the smart phone. Or I could root the Inc and play with it a while. :)

    Anyway, based on reading the Inc2 forum here, I'm not really finding any super compelling reasons to move to the Inc2. The bigger screen is an "eh" to me. I kind of like the smaller form factor of the Inc as it fits in my pocket better. I have been perfectly happy with the Inc camera, so if the Inc2 is even better, that's a plus, but not a huge one. The front facing camera, is again, nice, but since I don't Skype and video chat, not really a plus feature to me. I don't travel a lot internationally, so the fact the Inc 2 is a global phone, isn't really a big selling factor.

    So, seems like kind of a wash. Which is why I'm asking you guys, current Inc2 owners, to see if there's something I'm missing.
  6. Lespaul20

    Lespaul20 Well-Known Member

    The only compelling thing for you then will be the faster processor and larger amount of RAM.
  7. TheAtheistReverend

    TheAtheistReverend Anybody want a peanut? VIP Member

    Don't forget that you would be a part of this small but wonderful family of DInc2 owners :D

    If it's free, and it is a move up in processor, screen, camera, etc, why wouldn't you?

    I tell ya, your wife should be the one hounding you to get the DInc2 so she can have your DInc! Someone get her on that...
  8. amarryat

    amarryat Well-Known Member

    Another reason is because they'll get at least 1.5x the battery life.
  9. hytekjosh

    hytekjosh Active Member

    In comparison to my Inc1, I do have some gripes with the Inc2:
    Compass is reversed (HTC says software fix coming)
    GPS takes forever to lock
    Sometimes reboots on own
    Audio jack placement is not good for landscape viewing

    However, the battery life is at least 2x better than the Inc1.
  10. morgreh

    morgreh Member

    Well, I'd love to get better battery life.

    What about the AMOLED vs. SLCD screen? Those of you that have had both the Inc and Inc2 any comments about the differences between the screens? I know about the differences in viewing in daylight.
  11. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    I posted this in another thread, but I did a side by side comparison of the Inc1, Inc2, & Tbolt. I had all of them set to 25% brightness.

    The Inc1 & Inc2 were basically identicle, with a SLIGHT advantage going to the Inc1 on the contrast (blacks). Color saturation was basically the same, but the Inc2 was a bit sharper as far as text. Looking at the screen from the side, there was almost no loss of contrast, with both the Incredibles being equal.

    The Tbolt was about as sharp as the Inc2, but the screen looked completely washed out. It was as if the brightness was turned up to 100%, with the contrast suffering. Looking at the Tbolt from the side was horrible. It was almost like looking at a white screen with text on it when in fact it had a blue background.

    As far as viewing in the sun, there might be a slight edge to the Inc2, but not much. Realistically, the only thing I have heard being able to be viewed in direct sunlight clearly is something like a nook that has a matte screen.
  12. Websurfer53

    Websurfer53 New Member

    Have the original DINC. On 5th one and it is a good one built last October.

    DINC2 had for 1 day. Purchased through for $49.00 on existing Verizon contract.

    Quadrant scores for DINC about 1050 with Froyo. Scores for DINC2 1550 and it seems faster but not as much as you might think.

    Haven't used the camera much yet but seems better.

    Phone feels good in hand and though the original DINC was attractive, the DINC2 is even more so.

    Screen is obvously bigger but not necessarily better clarity or brightness. Did not think I would miss the optical track pad and I don't. Front panel real estate is better used for the bigger screen on the DINC2

    Here is my main complaint with the DINC2 and that is the speakerphone, the speakerphone does not have as much volume as the DINC and it is more tinny and crackles even at the lower volume. The speakerphone on the original DINC was good, the DINC2's is a big step down. Cannot say if this can be corrected by a software update but would guess it is a hardware issue and will not be corrected.

    Gone is app store, City ID can be deleted. Gone is Car Panel, NBD. Gone is Vibrate on and silent ring in the Phone off menu. Seem to have more force closes from various apps on the DINC2 than the DINC with same applications loaded.

    Bump charge does not seem possible as charging light stays green if phone unplugged and immediately plugged back in. Please weigh in if you have further information on this.

    BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth headset works very well on the DINC2

    Cannot find where to turn off audible note when using volume rocker.. Help needed there if anyone has found that solution.

    Cannot locate place in Camera or Video Camera settings to designate storage location, assume that default is now SD Card.

    Still pushing on upper left to turn phone off and on... That will take some time to get used to.. Why can't they just leave what works alone,, IE volume switch position and a good funtional speakerphone...

    And one other thing for HTC engineers. Get the dang USB port off the left side so the phone can stay on the charger and we can use landscape mode to watch videos.. This is especially an issue on the Thunderbolt with the kickstand...

    All in all a good phone but not as much of an upgrade from the DINC as you might think as the original was a great phone and still is and the speaker phone issue on the DINC2 is a big one for me... Some improvements and steps forward but some back as well. Overall the original, if you got a good one as there apparenlty were variations in quaility, is a better phone in my opinion.

    May send this phone back and wait for a Dual Core processor device. No other phone on Verizon interests me at this time.
  13. Websurfer53

    Websurfer53 New Member

    Contrast does seem better on DINC1 as you said.
  14. Lespaul20

    Lespaul20 Well-Known Member

    Was the Inc1 you used built before or after the screen change?
  15. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Launch day amoled (actually got it a day before launch due to preorder online). Still zippin' along great as my wi-fi portable media player (upgraded to a 32GB card). Everyone is complaining about not having the 6.6 GB of internal memory (separate from what is available for apps & OS). I moved all my videos over to that and the problem is most video players won't recognize that 6.6GB partition, so I have to open Astro, find the file I want to watch, then use one of the video players it suggests. Maybe that's why they left it out?

    On another note, I do have to agree that the speakerphone isn't as good on the Inc2 as the Inc1. My theory is that they had to go with a smaller speaker to make room for the larger screen and keep the overall physical size down.

    As far as the power/lock button, I don't know what's up with that. I thought the one on the Inc1 was fine. Maybe this one allows more pushes over it's lifespan than the Inc1's did?
  16. lilape

    lilape New Member

    I just got my droid incr2 and I am having major issues dialing out, when I dial the number manually no problem but if I try to dial from my contacts it adds a 5 digit number infront of the number and the call wont go through :( I need help!! I hope this was the right place to ask.This is the first time I have ever used a forum lol
  17. hytekjosh

    hytekjosh Active Member

    You probably have assisted dialing enabled. Go through the settings and disable it.
  18. Websurfer

    Websurfer Well-Known Member

    Also notice that battery life is much better on DINC2 even with new, uncycled battery. I could get good battery Life out of the DINC1 if I shut down a lot of stuff and did not use it much during the day and I have basically the same configuration on the DINC2 but I can use it a lot more and still have very good battry life. I shut down all notifications except email and voice mail visual notifications, no live backgrounds, no audible notifications except the phone ring of course and get really good battry life...

    Compared the DINC1 speakerphone side by side with the DINC2 on same youtube video and the DINC1 speakerphone is worlds better.

    I would hope and expect that features such as the speakerphone would work as least as well as it's earlier counterpart and with the processor, ram and battery improvements, it would be a superior phone but not entirely true. The DINC1 is still a benchmark for other HTC Android phones because everything just functions as it should and it looks good doing it.

    For those keeeping their DINC1, if you have a WI-FI hotspot, you can still use the DINC1 on WI-FI for email, Internet, etc. as long as WI-FI is enabled of course.
  19. morgreh

    morgreh Member

    Yeah, comments like Websurfer53 and Websurfer are the kinds of things that make me think I should stick with my INC and pass on the INC2.

    I'm just not getting the "here's the compelling reason to upgrade" feel from any of the comments so far.

  20. Websurfer

    Websurfer Well-Known Member

    But you have the unique opportunity to upgrade without cost and no effect on your contract renewal date. I would go for it so you can be the judge.. You may fall in love with the phone. I was trying to be objective... It's not a bad phone, but it's not a great phone either but it still is better than anything else Verizon has in a Smartphone right now... I am still testing the one I have and will decide in a few days whether to return it... Gingerbread update will surely come to the DINC2 before the DINC1 if it comes at all to the DINC1 and that may improve things a great deal.

    Like I said in a earlier post, it took 5 Original DINCs to get one good one and this DINC 1 one is much superior to the first 4 and it is a very good one... I may go back to it and wait for the next great thing.
  21. morgreh

    morgreh Member

    Yeah, you're right about the chance to try it out for free part. I will probably give the Droid 2 a go and see what I think.

    Along those lines, I am completely making the assumption here, that if I have a Verizon phone and plan, and someone literally gives me a Verizon phone that is unused because they have switched to another Verizon device (iPhone) that I can call up Verizon and have them activate me on the device that was given to me. I don't see how this would be much different than if I broke my existing device and then called up Verizon and had them activate me on a different Verizon phone that I bought off of Ebay or something.

    Has anyone actually done this? Are there any potential hang ups I may run into while doing this?

    Again, I don't see this as any different from Verizon's perspective than if I broke my existing phone and chose to re-activate my old Moto KRZR and ride out the rest of my two year contract without a smart phone. Thoughts?

  22. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Well-Known Member

    Works fine. Gave my dad my Moto Entice after I got my Inc2 (Entice was my backup phone, now my Inc1 is). He is on a separate plan than our family plan.

    I think they still have the option to program a different phone when you call *228, but if not just call customer service at *611.
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  23. all3n_y

    all3n_y Active Member

    Do any of you know what features specifically Gingerbread would bring to the DINC 2? Or is there a website I can see what features Gingerbread will bring? I just got my DINC 2 so i'm interested to see what awesome changes the update will bring to the phone.
  24. TheLurg1687

    TheLurg1687 Well-Known Member

    I agree! Would love to know. Wonder when we will get it...
  25. richied333

    richied333 New Member

    Had an Incredible since release. Just upgraded to the Incredible 2. First bad omen, no more strap spot.

    The incredible had it, it was poorly manufactured, but at least it had it. All well, i'm the only person using a strap anyway. Maybe the otterbox I ordered has one. I hate cases
    P.S. so I'll report how the Inc2 feels in pocket with an otterbox.

    I'll post again soon after some testing.

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