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  1. sbstnwright

    sbstnwright Member

    My HTC Incredible was rooted and went through the washing machine...

    I am in the process of letting it dry out currently.

    If I can not get to turn it on, is there a way to get a factory reset on the phone to wipe my personal info? Is there a way to do that with a rooted phone that doesn't work? Or do I have a neat looking paperweight full of my info?

    This question is kind of of topic, but if I can not get this phone to work, does the HTC incredible 2 have a root option from unrevoked? (I hate the apps it comes with) Is it the same as the regular incredible to root using the same program?

    My SD card should be okay with the paid version of titanium backup rights, would I be able to use the SD card in the new incredible to give me titanium again?

    Thanks so much.

  2. sweeds

    sweeds Well-Known Member

    Whoa, through the washing machine? Ouch buddy :( That's why I don't do laundry ;)

    If your HTC Incredible:

    1. Doesn't Turn on
    2. Can't be mounted through USB
    3. Can't mount/access SD card seperately
    I would think that the hardware (including memory) is completely corrupt. I do not know a way to access memory that has been completely dunked in water and cleaning chemicals.

    You could get an expert's opinion, but I think whatever information is on your phone, is not reachable.
  3. rcubed

    rcubed Well-Known Member

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  4. HankStorm

    HankStorm Member

    A guy I work with had his Incredible go through the washing machine. A couple months later after thinking it was cooked he tried turning it on again and it worked. The screen was a little messed up due to the water. Somehow he managed to get a replacement from Verizon even though he hadn't purchased the insurance.
  5. sbstnwright

    sbstnwright Member


    I brought the phone to work. We have a vacuum oven here. I put it in there at 110 degrees F with the vacuum on at 25mmHg. After one hour, the phone was dry and the water had all evaporated off. Same concept as the rice method, just this is for manufacturing. I'm a chemist... not engineer or electronics guy. Just trying things by the seat of my pants.

    The phone turned on and worked but got 'no service'. Called Verizon and ran some tests but none worked (wasn't sure if root caused issues with our attempt). Found some Torx wrenches here and took the phone apart completely! There was a piece of metal tape that was falling off (damn detergent) and I pushed it back on. It sticks ok but not very well, it connects from the power button onto a metal piece. I have no idea what I am doing, but nothing to lose at this point. I was looking for something antenna shaped to investigate the issue with 'no service' when I found the tape.

    Charged the phone while driving to buy another overpriced Dinc2 from Verizon (contracts suck) and I got text messages... then a call...

    It came alive again... for now. The screen is pretty bad underneath from water spots but works. It just isn't clear as it used to be. So, until I hear of a good new phone with root options, I'll be rocking out this one with the new 'spotted' wallpaper (yeah, its custom... Haha.)

    I'm just posting this so others know that it could possibly turn back on eventually. My phone was soaked, completely full of water behind the screen and inside. it drained water all night and this morning it was still soaked before the vacuum oven. My next option would have been the rice method but use the oven at home and try to keep under 120 degrees. *I am not liable for anything that you break following my attempt*.

    Thanks again. You all have been great help everytime I need it.
  6. Ed Zachary

    Ed Zachary Member

    If it looks like the only lasting problem is water damage to the screen, you could get hold of a new digitizer and swap em out.
    Google would be your friend in finding a how-to.
  7. sweeds

    sweeds Well-Known Member

    That truly is Incredible ;)

    The fact that your phone going through the washing machine doesn't fry the circuits blows my mind. They don't make 'em like they used to.
  8. offanairplane

    offanairplane Well-Known Member

    Whatcha do is you get a 10lb sledge hammer, and you put the phone down on a hard surface, preferebly a surface you don't mind messing up. For example, your driveway would work much better than your kitchen counter. And you put one hand by the hammer head, and the other at the end of the handle. Then you take a back swing. As you start to swing forward, you move the forward hand back with the other hand at the end of the handle, and you pay attention to your aim. If you do this correctly, you have no worries of anyone ever accessing anything on your phone again. :)

    This method is also referred to as the sledge memory wipe. That is an option in CWM, when you select it, it places a red target on the display.
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  9. flypaper333

    flypaper333 Member

    Watch out guys we're dealing with a real comedian here.
    Straight outta middle-school, yo.

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