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  1. dimefan87

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    :eek: Hi!! Last night I had a drink spilled on me, well actually into my pocket where my innocent phone was, and some liquid got into the headphone jack, I did the usual of taking it apart and cleaning it, but the headphone jack and the power but are the only places that it got wet. I had nothing, but paper towels to try to clean it of course. After it restarted about 15 times it finally turned back on, but now most of my apps are gone and some force close as soon as I open them. All I can do on the phone is text and call which are important, but I have an awesome phone that can do anything and I would really love it if it would work again, can anyone help?

  2. This is the introduction forum, not a place to ask questions. Maybe you can post this in another section and introduce yourself here? Hello by the way.
  3. Martimus

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  4. El Presidente

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    Turn the phone off and place it in a dry place in a sealed box of dry rice (seriously), leave it for 48 hours and try it again.

    Unfortunately, trying to turn the phone on whilst still wet, is one of the worst things you could have done. Hope the damage isn't too bad.
  5. lunatic59

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    +1 El Presidente

    I'd also add to remove the battery before you put it in the rice.

    You don't mention what kind of liquid it was. Clear liquids like tea or coffee or water are less damaging than things like beer, wine or soup. Soda, juice and other sugary beverages are the worst.

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