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  1. kennard5000

    kennard5000 New Member

    This morning, my Samsung Fascinate, that I've had for about a year, randomly froze while I tried to send a text. This has happened multiple times before so I assumed that taking out my battery and replacing would fix the problem. Once it turned back on, it worked for about a minute until it got to the "media scanner", then it proceeded to freeze again. I've tried replacing the battery several times, I tried powering off in the split second I had before it froze again, and I've tried taking out the SD card (thinking that might help when it came to freezing on the "media scanner"). None of these methods helped. Has anyone had this problem before or does anyone have any advice on how to fix this? Thanks.

  2. BDogg718k

    BDogg718k Well-Known Member

    Is your phone stock?

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