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  1. s1d

    s1d Member

    Hi Folks!

    Motorola has finally released froyo update for defy in India -

    Firmware version in Settings->About shows as 2.2.2

    I can see some new applications - Task Manager, Tasks, News and Weather, Cardio Trainer etc. From what I read in the release notes, it also has support for Flash.

    There is a roughly 20% increase in Quadrant score from ~1000 to ~1200 which placed it above HTC Evo 2.2+ but below Nexus One 2.2+

  2. s1d

    s1d Member

    Noticed a few niggles and a major flaw over the past week of usage.
    Phone seems to slow down a bit sometimes and the display also tends to turn off at times on incoming calls. But main issue is that any photo with flash turns completely dark so night time photography is out of the picture for now.
    On the good side, battery life seems to have improved a bit.
  3. s1d

    s1d Member


    Its been about 2 weeks since I updated my phone to the froyo update via . Initially I didn't notice anything but now I realize the following issues :

    1- Any photo with flash turns completely black.
    2- UI is sluggish. All transitions were always smooth earlier but now they take some time on most occasions.
    3- Battery life seems to be reduced at times. The last charge lasted only about 15 hours before I was prompted for recharging it, with "Android OS" taking up 30% of it. And it wasn't because of voice calls, they didn't even feature in the list.

    When I first called Motorola India support about a week back, I was told that a new update just got out 2 days back and that I should go and re-update my phone from the website. But when I tried doing that, the software told me that I had the latest version already.

    Its been only a little over 4 months since I have owned this phone, out of which a full 3 weeks I didn't have it because it took the India support folks that much time to replace my original phone with a new one because of the infamous reboot problem associated with this phone. It seemed to make a lot of sense when I bought it but I'm wondering now whether I made the right choice.
  4. s1d

    s1d Member

    Great news! Got a reply on the official motorola support forum which fixes the problem :

    The first problem is an easy fix. Clear the camera's cache and data (if applicable) by going to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > [all tab] > Camera.

    Your Android OS battery issues may be a known bug in Froyo with the init process. This can typically be fixed by enabling USB debugging in Settings > Applications > Development.
  5. MPP22

    MPP22 New Member

    @s1d- Dude, m confused between Samsung Ace, Acer LiquidE & d Defy. I really want to go for d defy for its ruggedness, but m reading everywhere dat it has a lot of issues. Here in Pune(india) m already havin a hard time just findin a store which has d defy. I really would like to hav ur honest opinion on d following points:
    1. Battery performance
    2. How does d froyo update work?
    3. Can apps b installed on sd card?
    4. How is d earpiece working? I've read it has a lot of issues.
    5. Does d indian version have MotoBlur? Is it still der after d 2.2 update?
    6. Support

    Thanks in advance mate..

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