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  1. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Member

    Well, I bought the inductive charging pad and wireless charging back cover for my new Incredible 4G. Yeah, I know it's a total waste of money as I can plug in the supplied charging USB cord for free. The geek in me couldn't resist.

    It beeps when placed and the charging LED flashes. My display doesn't show it charging, the battery status does not show it's charging. Only time will tell if it is doing anything.

    As a test, I pulled the charging cover off and placed just the cover on the charging pad. Yep, it beeps and the charging LED flashes, so the pad recognizes the cover only, not the entire phone. Concerning.

    A few things to note for others as my "test" continues....

    Using the inductive pad means you lose the use of NFC, which I enjoy.

    None of the "standard" phone covers fit. I have the holster/shell combo from Verizon and it no longer fits.

    So as of right now, I can charge my naked phone wirelessly, then remove the cover, replace with my original cover, snap it into my holster/shell, be able to use my NFC tags and carry my phone on my hip.

    Now isn't that just handy ??:rolleyes:

    I'll update if the freakin' thing actually charges my phone.

  2. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Member

    Now I ain't no Sheldon Cooper, but when I put my phone on the pad about 2 hours ago, my battery was at 53%. Now it's at 51% while on the wireless "charger". A waste of $$$.

    So much for the cool factor......
  3. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Member

    Overnight Update-

    Battery now at 44%.

    Thankfully, Verizon supplied a return shipping label.
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  4. Mud Pie

    Mud Pie Member

    Here's another update:

    I noticed on the charging cover, the circuit board was slightly curved (poor quality control), so chances are they aren't hitting all the pins on the phone to make good contact. I used a small screwdriver and tried to press it flush. Well that didn't go too well....I only achieved in make one of the contacts off kilter... I got it straight then figured "why not ?" and popped the contact pad off the cover, pressed it flat between my fingers and put it back, not as "sunk in" as OEM.

    I snapped it on my phone, put it on the charging pad and lo and behold, my screen says "wireless charger detected" !! It actually charged my phone !!

    I decided to order a new cover and keep this one as a emergency backup. I could've been cheesy and returned this one, but that's not how I roll. I tweaked it, I can't return it.

    My new cover comes in, I now know what to look for....yep, THIS cover has a curved contact !! :mad: But I know how to safely "lift" the contact pad and flatten it. Now it works every time. Quality Control is NOT #1 with Verizon....

    Now I just drop my phone on the pad and it charges. I do like that part, especially if I come home late from work and my wife is asleep; no fumbling with a micro USB cord in the dark.

    I did lose my ability to use NFC (which I use every day) as the charging cover does not have the NFC antenna in the cover.

    So yeah, I bought it, I used it, I like it, but I may have to resort to using my OEM cover so I can use NFC again......
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