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Indulge won't send texts or accept callsSupport

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  1. Casino805

    Casino805 Member

    My Galaxy Indulge recently stopped receiving, and sending texts, and roams during phone calls ONLY when I'm at work. For the past 20 months, I have had zero issues with my phone at work, and as of this Monday, my phone goes out of the service area while I'm sitting at my desk. It is limited to a 200' radius around my area. NOTHING has changed at our retail office, no antenna, no power lines, nothing. I called Metro and the reset my phone, had me enter into some menus and reprogram some items, then told me to go to a corporate store. I have put my phone into CDMA mode only, and back to GLOBAL, turned my network into METROPCS only, and back, and still having issues. This sucks.

  2. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    What is your PRL?
  3. Casino805

    Casino805 Member

    How do I check this confed?
  4. confed

    confed Well-Known Member

    Settings - About Phone - Status

    Then look under PRL Version.
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  5. Casino805

    Casino805 Member

    Prl 03030
  6. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    *228 to a newer one. (option 5 at the prompt)
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  7. Casino805

    Casino805 Member

    Thanks Tiede, but this did not work. The odd thing is that this phone has worked for the last 18 months at my same exact desk in my same exact office with no issues, sometimes on displaying 4G, now it is 1 bar and sometimes zero. Metro told me to take the phone to the dealer but I was hoping there would be a quick fix.
  8. Shatterproof

    Shatterproof Well-Known Member

    I had the best luck with my indulge and never had to change it since the day it came out, but then out of no where I started having data issues so I called metro guard for a new phone, they offered me 3 phones to choose from and I picked the Connect. The sad part was before I sent the indulge back I used cwm and did a reset like 2 times then another reset using the settings menu and the damn phone was working again Lmmfao!! I still sent it back because I knew that it could happen again and other then the hard keyboard that I miss I'm happy with the Connect, and I only paid $99 :D
  9. Casino805

    Casino805 Member

    Update, exchanged phone through MetroPCS warranty, went with the LG Connect 4G. First thing, same signal problems while I'm at work. I also noticed that the lack of signal is within a 1 mile radius or so from my work. EVERYWHERE else, no problems with signal, just in this one specific area of town where I have never had problems. Called MetroPCS 5 times, all kinds of troubleshooting, claim tickets, etc., still no fixes. Also, with my Indulge, I would get 4G 75% of the time, I have never seen 4G on my Connect 4G.

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