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  1. BigAndroid

    BigAndroid Member

    Im looking to get one of these in the next few weeks. What are some pros and cons? like battery life and all that?

  2. androidhood

    androidhood Well-Known Member

    pros dual core processor very fast cons battery life is terrible worst batter i ever seen and there is no slim battery that's better than the stock battery....and the stock battery is terrible and i don't know about everybody else i have major overheating problems 130 F
    other than that the nova screen looks very good this is metro pcs best phone for now you should get it anyways you have no better choice
  3. myshkin

    myshkin Well-Known Member

    The battery heating issue is fixed when you upgrade to ZVA. When I bought mine it was a ZV8 and the next did an OTA upgrade to ZVA, but there is a LG upgrade tool that you can do it yourself. I never have overheating problems.
  4. kazca

    kazca Active Member

    Im rooted on stock rom, removed bloatware with rom toolbox. Battery life is great in my opinion. if you dim brightness display, cut animation effects, no screen sounds and cut any vibrate effect. I have 4g on all day with these changes. Great phone.
  5. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    The lg connect IMO Is a great phone. Yes the battery sucks, but if you manage your usage you will make it through the day. I have a spare battery, so I don't worry. It charges in 2 hours also.

    This is my first smartphone and it is genius-phone. It's the entire world at my fingertips. Metro's 4g isnt blazing fast, but it's good enough to surf, stream, and download no problem. Being online drains the battery so you need to ration it if your not plugged in.

    I do everything on this machine, that I can do on my desktop computer and some. Cause there is a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, flashlight, gps, maps, voicemail, Ipod, not to mention the NY Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Rangers, all streaming live in my hip pocket. I'm just loving it.

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